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The Most User-Friendly API To Classify Any Text In Only Seconds

Has classifying texts in categories become tedious for you? Have you been looking for a resourceful API to help you? Here we present you with the most user-friendly API to classify any text in only seconds!

How to classify texts!

Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API is the answer to all your arranging and labelling problems regarding your texts. This API will organise any text that you want. Besides being the most accurate IAB Taxonomy content classifier, it provides you with the easiest and simplest responses. Then you will have your data already sorted!

When using Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API, this content classifier simply has to pass the text you want to categorize and immediately receive its IAB taxonomy. It only takes the text string you want to classify, which has a maximum of 5K characters. Then it’ll be labelled and you’d be done with that. It doesn’t matter if you are a company with large amounts of data to sort or if you are a grad student who needs help classifying research, you should give this API a try. Rather than spending enormous amounts of time selecting categories for your work, aloud this user-friendly API to classify any text for a very accessible price.

After signing up, you will receive a unique combination of letters and digits that provides access to the API’s endpoint. That’s how you get your personal API access key. Now, to authenticate you simply include your bearer token in the Authorization header and that’s it. Hence, you can subscribe to three different monthly packets. The Basic one includes 10000 requests for $24.99, the Pro packet of 100000 requests for $49.99, and lastly the ProPlus packet with 1000000 requests for just $99.99. Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API priority is to save you time, allowing you to invest it in other activities.

User-friendly API to classify any text in only seconds with Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API.

Just like that?

Yes! Just like that. By now you already realized how effective, straightforward and immediate using Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API is. Here are a few more details about it that you should check out.

Why is it a user-friendly API?

Not only it’s extremely easy to use, but this API also gives resources to help you manage better your subscription. If you ever wanted to cancel your payments or change the plan you’re subscribed to, this text classifier makes it effortlessly for you. Additionally, what’s charged is listed in USD. The payment renews the same day of the month and the billing cycle will start the day you purchase one of the paid plans. This API accepts every single major debit and credit card. Stripe provides the latest security technology for Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API‘s payment system. You can do it at any point by simply going to your account and cancelling on the Billing page. Moreover, you can always get help from our chat channel at Zyla Labs API Hub. Finally, you can either chat with us online from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+1) or via email at [email protected]

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