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The software that developed a former Cabify directive to streamline your payroll

When a company raises its staff immediately one of the problems that arise in their areas of human resources is the management and management of financial resources. In this sense, technology has been advancing in the development of various alternatives that help to make time and costs more efficient for companies.

Courtney McColgan, an entrepreneur originally from Silicon Valley and former Director of Global Marketing at Cabify, realized these two phenomena. On the one hand the mismanagement and management of resources on the part of the companies and on the other the complaint of the workers at the moment of not being able to obtain their payroll quickly and efficiently, reason why it decided to found Runa, a platform of software of management of payroll and human resources that work in Mexico.

“Something as precious as a worker’s payroll should be one hundred percent safe and have no complications to carry out its management. That’s why we decided to work with technology on this issue”, said Forbes Mexico, McColgan, who holds the maximum chair in this company.

According to data from Online Carreer Center (OCC), known as OCCMundial, in Mexico the wage discount is one of the most hated practices by workers, mainly if these actions are not justified by the employer. Some reasons may be the result of the worker’s activities, such as delays, absenteeism and violations of the regulations.

How this platform works

What this software does is help SMEs and Outsourcings to change the payment of their payroll, efficientando in a 75% the processes that have led them to have improvements from days to minutes.

In the first step, the platform will automatically make the exact calculation of the payroll. Here load the incidents and Runa does the rest.

In step two, configure the way in which the company will pay its employees and automatically verify that the RFCs are correct.

In case of making a transfer, with this platform you can disperse the payroll in just one click to all the bank accounts of your employees.

Then, the ringing of the payroll is done in 3 seconds per employee. Once the company finishes paying, Runa will automatically send the payroll receipts to all its collaborators electronically.

“Another tool is that we have integrated the STP platform that allows us to make transfers to all banks in Mexico in seconds and that makes the time more efficient”, said Courtney McColgan.


Runa is supported by the Y-Combinator program, raised more than 3.5 million dollars in April 2018. Among the investors are executives of Rappi, Nubank, Cabify and WeWork Latam, CTO of Dropbox, the founder of Gmail, the CTO of Zenefits , X-Head of Sales in Gusto and the X-Head of Gusto product.

It is the first startup in Latin America in which Salesforce Ventures invests. It has investors in Mexico who have collaborated for leading startups in Latin America (Rappi, Cabify, Nubank) and the leading human resources startups in the

United States (Zenefits and Gusto), the latter also valued by YCombinator.

“Of course I was served by Cabify, all that experience I’ve had is now what prompted me to far form this project”, he said.

On the opportunities he sees in the Mexican market, McColgan explained that they have dedicated full time to the region with a view to expanding. And although this year he plans to consolidate the company, he does not rule out the opening of operations in other Latin American countries.

Courtney launched her first company at 22 years of age after graduating from college in 2006; he created his second startup at the end of his MBA in 2012, which was acquired by Etsy and started for the third time, now with Runa.

She is an expert in investment in startups, worked in Silicon Valley for Venture Capital funds including Draper Fisher Jurvetson (investor in Skype, Baidu, Tesla, Box) and Morgenthaler Ventures (investors in Lending Club, Mulesoft, Evernote)

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