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The Swiss crypto-stock is here: waiting for the crypto bank

The blockchain share developed by the Swisscom subsidiary Daura is ready. Users are already found. A candidate for a crypto bank license should complete the offer.

The title of the country’s first crypto-stock was received by the Geneva startup Mt Pelerin before the Daura-makers. But the latter can now claim to have won a public bet and still present users for their digital share. As the startup, supported by telecom giant Swisscom and law firm MME, announced on Wednesday, Swiss SMEs can now run their share register on the Daura Blockchain solution.

In addition, capital increases are to be possible, so to speak, at the touch of a button – from mid-March, the module will be unlocked. In further expansion stages, the platform will then be connected to marketplaces. Because without trading is not synonymous with digital shares to make a lot of state.

In addition, settlement, dividend payments and voting at general meetings via the Daura platform are planned.

Shareholders are at the ski exchange

As it was further said, eight SMEs have already agreed to replicate their share register on Daura. The most prominent prospective customer is the Weisse Arena Gruppe (WAG). The Grisons tourism company plans to also give customers a digital micro share when they purchase a ticket, and thus involve them in the company. Other companies will use the platform for employee stock ownership programs or capital increases.

According to the announcement, Custodigit, Dart Ventures, Egelsee Invest Alpha, KYZ Spider and MME Compliance are also on board. However, some of these “first movers” are in the environment of Daura partners Swisscom and MME. For quick access to (much) more users, Daura is now partnering with the testing and consulting firm BDO. It has around 22,000 customers in the Swiss corporate landscape.

Waiting for the license for Sygnum

On the other hand, the growing ecosystem around the digital stock still lacks the banking partner. Here, the Swisscom subsidiary is taking its own steps: Last autumn 2018, Daura entered into a partnership with the Swiss-Singaporean Fintech Sygnum.

The company, in which, among others, the former National Bank President Philipp Hildebrand invested, next to the competitors Seba and Mt Pelerin is considered the hottest contender for the first Swiss crypto bank.

If the license is granted by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma), Sygnum intends to offer Swiss SMEs a regulated option for efficient capital procurement – thus becoming the actual investment bank in the Daura system.

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