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The two concepts relevant to Fintech

Afluenta, as a leading collaborative finance company in the region, together with the Fintech Association of Mexico, whose mission is to strengthen the industry, recently conducted an investigation whose main objective was to understand the presence of women in a growing industry that, in turn, is made up of the union of two disciplines, finance and technology, which historically have had a predominantly male presence.

During the investigation, companies that offer financial technology services were interviewed, and the main findings were:

Female presence: of 100% of the companies surveyed, more than 46% declared having more than 35% female presence in their teams. On average, of the respondents, we can say that only 20% are women.

Participation in decision making: only 15% of the companies surveyed have more than 40% of women in a managerial role. 60% stated that only between 10% and 30% of women who are part of the work ecosystem are in decision-making positions.

Generation division: the generation with the greatest presence in these companies is the Millennial with 80%, followed by Generation X with 15%. Roles within the company: women excel in roles in the area of operations, which within a fintech refers to customer service, collections, etc. Main skills: the study revealed that the main skills for which women are appreciated within companies are coordination, organization and discipline.

“Little by little, women are making their way in the Fintech industry. After the completion of this study we were able to confirm that the female presence so far is important; however, we still have a long way to go, “said Marilú Páez, Country Head of Afluenta in Mexico.

“A very interesting fact is that more than 90% of the companies surveyed trust that more and more women will be occupying various positions within their organizations, which indicates that the sector is on the right track towards becoming more inclusive”, he commented, his part, Eduardo Guraieb, general director of FinTech Mexico.

Both Marilú Páez and Eduardo Guraieb stressed that this study is the beginning of various actions that the sector will undertake to increase awareness of the importance of the inclusive development of companies.

About Afluenta

Afluenta  is a FinTech company founded by Argentine entrepreneur Alejandro Cosentino with the mission of promoting a simple, safe and transparent financial culture. Develop innovations that help people manage their money in a simple and humane way.

Afluenta seeks to become a competitive and sustainable investment alternative, where each investor has the opportunity to know the projects of each applicant so that those who deserve it can obtain loans in better conditions than the existing alternatives.

It has operations in Argentina, Mexico and Peru and is in a process of regional expansion. Afluenta is a company financed by its founder, private investors, incubated by NXTP Labs and has obtained financing from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the investment arm of the World Bank, Elevate Equity an impact investment fund that operates in three continents and IGNIA Partners a Mexican fund focused on FinTech companies.

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