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The world’s largest Fintech event kicked off: LendIt Fintech 2019

CryptoTendencia is proud to announce that the largest Fintech congress in the world has started, awaited by experts, investors and enthusiasts throughout the year. We are referring to the 201nd LendIt Fintech which is taking place in the great city of San Francisco. For the next two days, stay with us to learn about how the financial sector is going to evolve.

It seems that we are exaggerating, but indeed this event is the largest in the world with regard to Fintech, this year about 5000 people who are attending.

With the presence of more than 1000 bankers and with 800 active investors in the market. To make this possible, large amounts of money are required, which is not a problem given that there are approximately 100 sponsors, including large ones in the financial industry such as VISA, MasterCard and Deloitte.

These two days there will be a variety of activities that we will be happy to cover, such as the Boe Hartman presentations as representatives of Goldman Sachs, Devin Banerjee on behalf of Linkedin and others.

In addition, companies will have spaces to expose their proposals, which we go through so that you know them, including startups that seek to challenge the current market, which should be noted that there will be an award for the best startup of the year.

In addition, something that excites all lovers of cryptocurrencies, for the first time in this edition are companies that are based on Blockchain technology.

This event stands out for being the one who sets the trend during the remainder of the year, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to get to know each other, making efficient networking. In addition, thanks to the press like us, people can make expectations of how their quality of life will improve thanks to these new nascent services.

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