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The World’s Most Trusted Web Crawler API

Have you been searching for the most trusted API to crawl the web? Are you ready to learn everything about this amazing and revolutionary API? Then start reading this post now! Here we will teach you everything about Codery API, the best technology for web crawling.

What is web crawling?

We must start by explaining what this concept means. Web crawling, or web scraping, refers to the extraction and compilation of information from any website.

The World's Most Trusted Web Crawler API
Learn why Codery API is the most trusted scraping API!

Now that we have explained the main concept, we can begin this post about this outstanding API. There are many great options when it comes to web crawlers but there is only one that is absolutely worth it. Codery API is a simple, intuitive, organized and accessible technology. You may be thinking that we are exaggerating but we can assure you that everything is true. This API is just too good to be true! Following, we will give a much more in-depth explanation of what the API is about.

What does Codery API do tho?

Well, this is a crawling API that can guarantee a safe and complete extraction. This extraction will be done by Codery API completely, you do not have to do anything! Besides, the API works with JavaScript, which means you will get simple and understandable data. If you are a developer you will find this very useful. This information is just an HTML code so that you can immediately paste it into your work. Forget about CSS, images and ads! You will just get the data you need.

Moreover, market analysts use this technology as well. The difference between those groups is that the analysts will not paste the information, they will only read and compare the information extracted.

The World's Most Trusted Web Crawler API
Learn why Codery API is the most trusted scraping API!

Is that all?

Not at all! You need to understand a few more things. To employ Codery API you do not require much help actually, nonetheless we will help you out. Firstly, you have to visit its website. To do that, ypui kust need to click any photograph or name tag here. Both ways will transfer you immediately to the API’s site. After you get there, you will notice that there are several tabs than you may find interesting. Now comes the second step. This would be to register. This last step means that you have to sign up to one of the subscription plans. But do to worry! There are different options that make it possible for everyone to employ bit regardless of what their budget is. There is the “DEMO” plan, that includes no charges and frants 100 API calls a month. Then, there is the “FREELANCER” plan, which costs $49,9 USD a month and includes 100,000 API calls. Finally, you will find the “STARTUP” plan, now this one costs $99,9 USD a month but offers 1,000,000 API calls. But do not be afraid! All plans grant the same quality so that you can easily work regardless of anything.

The World's Most Trusted Web Crawler API
Codery API‘s page

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