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This Emotion Analysis API Will Suit Your Business Needs

You have developed a new product, you have measured all the metrics and you have hired the best email marketing application to send information to your customers. However it is not done yet, you do not have to miss the emotional part of your client. For this, we present APIs that will analyse the emotions of your public.

Firs, you have to come across with the acronym API that means Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Every time you enter into Instagram or checking your email account, you are using an API.

Emotional analysis API enable you to know the emotions of a paragraph or a text. Sentiment study is a natural language processing technique used to determine whether this information is positive, negative or neutral. It is useful for business because the textual data monitor brand and product sentiment in customer feedback and understand customer needs. Often, this means product team builds tools that use Sentiment Analysis determine comments on a news article or online reviews of a brand, product, service or aplied to social media posts, phonecalls, interviews and more.

All this information together can be used to analyze customer feelings and feedback, acting as a market research to inform campaigns, products, training, hiring decisions, etc. Developers should care about these APIs because they help them understand the mood of their users. According to a study by Zendesk, 49% of users who are unhappy with a brand are likely to tell others about their bad experiences through social media (and then you’ll have to learn how to respond to Facebook ad comments that are not, frankly speaking, too nice for your brand). This is just one of many reasons why it’s important for bussiness to understand the mood of their users.

This Emotion Analysis API Will Suit Your Business Needs

The emotion classifiers are trained to study the data and tell whether the emotions behind a message is Happy, Sad, Andry, Fearful, Excited or Bored. With the help of our Opinion Analysis API you can even customize you app or website according to the client´s emotions. For example, you can use our API to implement auto-suggested emojis in messenger apps, so users can find easily the emoji that fit their emotion of their message.

Now you are asking yourself how to measure customs responses. There are five rules that will help you to do it:

1- Be specific.

2- Define which emotions drives the most value for you.

3- Measure the specific emotions across the customer journey.

4- Design the emotions into your journey map.

5- Train your staff on how to evoke emotions.

This Emotion Analysis API Will Suit Your Business Needs

Now that we have the a basic understanding of what Emotional Analysis is, let´s explore how our Opinion Analysis API works. Released in November 2021, Enotion Analysis API has high accuracy for product team and developers looking to perform Emotional Analysis on audio or video streams, and is more affordable than many others in the market today. Its Emotional Analysis model leverage sentiment polarity to determine the probability that speech segments are positive, negative or neutral. In addition, it has other Audio Intelligence APIs including Entity Detection, Content Moderation and Text Summarization and more.

Opinion Analysis APIs are part of the company´s sucess, tha is why our API is one of the most used in the market. It will hel p you to understand your client on a deeper level aswell as get insights from social media. So if you are looking to add some extra functionality to your web or app, do not hesitate to get our Opinion Analysis API.

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