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Three Google innovations you’ll love

Google launched new features for its G Suite platform, which includes applications such as Gmail, Drive, Docs and Sheets, and which, through artificial intelligence, seek to give you greater efficiency and speed.

On the second day of Next 2019, Amy Lokey, Vice President of User Experience, noted that each year, an employee who uses G Suite saves 171 hours.

“Around the world, 1.5 billion people already use G Suite, 90 million are students and 5 million businesses” said Lokey.

These are some of the changes that were launched in Next 2019 and could make your life easier:

Google Assistant

In the event, Lokey announced that G Suite will allow integrating the Google Assistant with the Calendar, so when asking about your agenda, you will know exactly your appointments and avoid overlapping commitments, which will help you to be more efficient.

Real-time subtitles

Teleconference in English? Do not suffer more with the accents. Hangouts Meet now offers automatic and real-time English subtitles.

Did you suffer when having a conference in English? This will be the subtitles in real time by Hangouts Meet. ???????? – El Financiero (@ElFinanciero_Mx) April 10, 2019

Google Voice

Through artificial intelligence, Google’s cloud telephony service will allow you to transcribe calls and voicemails in nine languages.

According to a study conducted by Forrester consultancy, at the request of Google, eight companies that use G Suite improved their productivity and recovered their investment in 12 months.

The document indicates that the efficiency of the employees increased and its productivity reached 22.1 million dollars in three years.

“The employees could collaborate more effectively through real-time editing in Docs, Slides, Sheets and other tools, working from anywhere and any device” the document highlights.

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