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Top 3 Alternatives To Hyperscience

Read this article to learn about new technologies that provide life-saving solutions to corporations that handle large amounts of data.

According to the Study on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources conducted by The Adecco Group, 98% of experts believe that the use of artificial intelligence in companies will generate an exponential increase in productivity. However, to achieve this increased productivity it is necessary to have the appropriate technological, human, and operational resources, which will allow for improving business processes in a satisfactory way.

Artificial Intelligence, integrated into systems and machinery, allows to identify problems and solve them, facilitates information in real-time; clear and objective, thanks to its identification of activity and simplifies decision making, but the most important thing is that it complements the human intellectual effort to improve the management of all types of systems and companies. File folder documentation library personal database workplace cabinet organization management concept

What Is An OCR API?

An API is an interface or software, that is integrated into platforms or websites. The particularity is that it generates permanent connections with other sources of information.

These digital tools can also provide certain functions. An example of this is payment system APIs or Broadcast APIs that allow certain signals to be transmitted. OCR APIs allow a platform to incorporate the function of analyzing images and converting them to text, either in written text formats or converting them to Excell, JSON, or CVC.

This technology is especially beneficial for companies that handle large amounts of information, some of which is in the form of photos, notes, invoices, etc. For example, in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, lab studies, prescriptions, medical history, and clinical documentation, could be quickly processed and scanned by the OCR API and converted to text.

Top 3 Alternatives To Hyperscience

The boom of APIs, and the usefulness of OCR, generated a wide range of products. Hyperscience is a reliable and professional API, but not all of them have the same benefits, so it is important to find one that suits your needs. We are going to present you with 3 alternatives that are popular in the market. 

Optical Character Recognition API
This API works with machine-learning engines that are constantly improving their performance. With its unique categorization feature, this API fits information into millions of preset categories. It can detect objects and faces and then assign labels. It can also read printed and handwritten text and key metadata. The only thing this API needs to work is a URL.

Abby Flexcapture

This OCR API processes information intelligently. It can process almost any type of document and supports very large files. From simple files to folders with large amounts of files, Abby Flexcapture can handle it. Its speed in sorting material is particularly outstanding. 

Rossum AI
Rossum AI can process structured documents and is especially good for analyzing complex documents. They can process large amounts of information, and thanks to AI they provide a human level of accuracy. Working with these algorithms, this API processes information 6 times faster than it would take to do it manually.

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