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Top 3 Alternatives To Klippa

Klippa is an incredible OCR API. This article will provide you with three alternatives to such a strong and capable application programming interface.

Application Programming Interfaces

Our world is a technological one. Those grey days where inventions and advances took months or even years have been left behind a long time ago. This is due to the fact that new machines, technologies, instruments, and technics have developed to guarantee the constant growth of industries and their markets. An API like Klippa is an example.

Right now, industries work at an imaginable speed to satisfy the needs of society. After all, they are who consume the services and goods from companies. An aspect that characterizes the market is that it is extremely competitive. Hence, for them to be able to provide products that will gain recognition, they must use tools that will help them be the best possible. For example, APIs.


APIs are popular because they are an instrument that can help with the most general and detailed aspects of a company. Therefore, they are perfect for all areas of a business. OCR Application Programming Interfaces in a kind that fits all over.

Klippa OCR API

Klippa is an OCR API whin main feature is its Machine Learning Technology. The API extracts data from passports, invoices, receipts, and so on. Evidently, this is an API that can facilitate all kinds of procedures. For example, let’s say your company must digitalize all of its receipts; now let’s say that the company is planning a trip and need to get the passport information of their workers. These are two different activities but Klippa can facilitate them both.

Evidently, the use of Klippa is a no-brainer but of course, it is important to not close the door to other OCR alternatives. After all, for a company to know what works the best it must do an investigation. Especially when it comes to the well-being of their company. Therefore, here I will add some Klippa Alternatives.


Klippa Alternatives:

Optical Character Recognition API

The Optical Character Recognition API is one that carries out tasks just like Klippa. It is an alternative that will keep you satisfied at all times. The OCR API possesses a technology that permits provide answers extremely fast. Therefore, you won’t have to wait to get the text data of your interest. On the contrary, you ask for it and you will get it.

The Optical Character Recognition API is one that only needs the URL of the documents to activate. Moreover, its software is perfect so developers can integrate it into your company. The interchanges will never encounter problems. 


OCR Space

The OCR Space API is another capable Klippa alternative. It offers a straightforward method to extract text from photos and cross PDF documents (PDF OCR). Plus, the API delivers the results in a JSON format and is characterized by three components or levels that make up the OCR API.



To end with the alternatives to Klippa, I must mention Docsumo. An OCR API that works with all kinds of different documents and has a top-class accuracy that is almost at the 100%. The API will help you extract all those unorganized texts and classify them into your space.

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