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Top 3 APIs To Detect Plagiarism From Any Text

Digital marketing has changed drastically in recent years, especially because brands’ content is no longer focused on the product, but on the users. Selling for the sake of selling is no longer a strategy that works because consumers are now looking for brands that can solve their problems and desires quickly.

On the other hand, the most convenient strategy will depend on a process of market research, competition, and a language proposal that is in line with the brand voice. To achieve this, time and patience are needed, since there is no magic formula that works for all brands. We must constantly test, make adjustments, and republish taking into account the reactions of our users.

To start with the implementation of effective SEO strategies, we can take into account the tools we can use: a keyword planner is always convenient to know which terms, associated with our brand, we can use to generate traffic; a performance and traffic meter that will tell you how the performance of your page or blog is going, a platform that allows us to study the performance of the competition in terms of the use of keywords and links, and SEO error detector that can be quite useful if we want to find what are the errors of our content and what we can do to correct them.

Now, formal and content aspects are important if we want to create quality content that will be taken into account by search engines. SEO will give us improvement, but what practices could jeopardize all our methods? One of them is plagiarism, which can also be heavily penalized. Your content will be ranked among the worst, your brand will lose credibility and you will gradually start to see a decrease in your sales. In addition, your customers will no longer feel confident in what you have to share and you may also experience legal consequences since plagiarism is also a crime.

While plagiarism can affect the performance of our brand, we can make good practices to filter our texts and ensure that we will not have a setback in this regard. One way to achieve this is through a plagiarism tracker api, which we can easily integrate into our processes and will allow us to detect plagiarism quickly.

What Are The 3 Best Plagiarism Tracker Api On The Market?

Plagiarism Remover

This is an API designed with a powerful algorithm capable of detecting plagiarized phrases to change them for others so that the text is unique and even makes suggestions so that you can better explain the content you would like to publish. It is a simple and quick platform to implement and work with.


If you are looking for effective solutions for your business, Copyleaks is a great alternative that you can adopt. This api not only works for plagiarism detection but also offers the possibility to customize the interface for text review or to integrate it into your marketing platforms. In any case, you will have a fast tool for your purposes.

Plagiarism Checker API

Ranked as the most powerful api on the market, Plagiarism Checker API is a detected copied content api that will not only detect plagiarism in any type of content but will also show the percentage of similarity with other published texts. You will also get the pages from which the information was extracted and you will know if your content is being taken by others. To top it off, Plagiarism Checker API offers different packages for all types of brands, so you won’t miss any opportunity to create quality content. In the end, with the help of an api detector, you will be able to achieve the goals you need.

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