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Use This API To Detect Any Copied Text From An Article

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comprises a set of techniques and strategies focused on improving the positioning of a brand in the main search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). This allows users to find you more easily and end up choosing your product over the competition.

Nowadays, any brand (big or small) has a blog or a website, but the truth is that the effort of creating it will not be worth much if you do not create a type of content that is interesting and of value. Taking the time to define your audience, their needs, and desires, and then combining them with clear and simple communication will be key to achieving your business goals.

A good understanding of how search engine algorithms work will be essential for all your strategies to work in the medium and long term. Of course, there is something important to keep in mind: the process of building a brand voice is trial and error. We may find mistakes along the way, but that should not discourage us in the search for the formula that works for us.

But why is it important to understand SEO? There are several interesting reasons: it helps to multiply the visibility of your brand organically and at no cost; it improves your business website, and therefore, the user experience when searching for solutions; although it takes time and effort to prepare your page to meet the business objectives you want, SEO will be of great help to generate traffic and sales organically; you will increase the impact of your social networks, creating a synergy that will feed constantly. Finally, an incredible benefit: you will be able to build trust and credibility because when your brand is positioned among the first places, users will feel that your site has the information they are looking for.

Now, search engines reward valuable content, but also originality. That is why, by committing plagiarism, you may suffer serious consequences such as the limitation of your brand’s content, the loss of credibility and trust from your customers, in addition to the legal problems you may face. Although plagiarism is not a common practice nowadays, it is an activity that can jeopardize all the efforts you have made for your brand.

How Can We Protect Our Brand From Plagiarism?

Some strategies can help us to control content and plagiarism: doing a good research on the topic we want to talk about and communicating through the language we have developed for the brand are some examples. But if you want an effective method, adopting an avoid a plagiarism API is a great option because you can get fast results in a short time.

The best option on the market is the Plagiarism Checker API, a detect copied content API because it will help you detect plagiarism quickly, it will show you the percentage of similarity with other published content, as well as the pages from which the information was extracted and you will even know if your content is being taken by third parties. As if that were not enough, Plagiarism Checker API also offers service packages for all kinds of brands and you can even customize your own according to your needs! The idea is that this API becomes a great ally for your content and serves as a complement to your business strategies.

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