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Top 3 APIs To Get Updated Precious Metals Pricing In 2023

Are you looking to spot and update precious metal prices? Well, for that, we have researched on the internet and we have found that there are 3 services that will fulfill that function without any problem! We will describe these 3 precious metals API in this post!

Contrary to what is usually thought, precious metals can be used in different applications. However, one of the most famous and well-known functions in the world is jewelry. This is because precious metals like gold or silver have unique properties. Some of these properties are aesthetics, durability, resistance and the ability to not react in contact with human skin. However, in jewelry, precious metals are used but not 100%, instead, they are alloyed with other metals to maintain durability.

Gold is, without a doubt, one of the preferred precious metals when it comes to making jewelry. However, this is not only due to its aesthetics. One of the biggest fundamentals of this has to do with the versatility that this metal is capable of. Its properties make it a malleable metal, and it can be transformed into practically any piece of jewelry, regardless of how small it may be. In contrast, silver is a precious metal that can be alloyed with all metals with a low melting point. The most common are tin and zinc. The most common alloy and the one most often used in jewelry is the one that combines silver with copper.

There is also platinum, whose jewels have excellent results and are especially recommended for people who tend to have allergic reactions to other metals. Be that as it may, if you want to get the prices of precious metals, these 3 services will be the ones that will help you get them!

Top 3 APIs to get updated precious metals pricing

Metals – API: This service is characterized by providing quality and up-to-date information. This information is provided by very famous companies such as the London Metal Exchange (LME), one of the most famous in the world of metals. Its system supports a huge amount of not only precious metals but also common metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc. In addition, of the 3 services, this is the one that offers the best prices, which can be very interesting for many users. Prices are available in a large number of legal tenders such as USD, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and Canadian Dollars, among others.

Metal Price API: This system offers very varied plans depending on the client’s needs. If you need to invest in precious metals and update prices frequently, this API will give you updated prices every 60 seconds. This will depend on the plan you choose. On the web page, you will also find 2 tutorial videos that will explain very simply how to use this system. Highly recommended if you have doubts about how to use it.

Gold API: This is the best system to find old prices. Since 1968 prices are available not only for gold, but also for silver or platinum. This feature is very useful for investors who want to create charts to analyze the past and draw better conclusions from the present. In addition, they also offer an uncharged service so you can try this system without paying anything. If you are interested, you can register with your Google account.

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