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Top 3 Best IP Geolocation APIs For WordPress

Do you want to know the best IP geolocation APIs for WordPress?We have the best options for optimizing your WordPress website.

Nowadays, it has become more common to use websites in order to create content or sell your products. A research showed that WordPress has been used by 42-8% of the top 10 million websites during October 2021.

WordPress is a PHP-based open-source content management system (CMS) that works with either a MySQL or MariaDB database. Plugin architecture and a template system referred to as Themes in WordPress, are among the features. Besides, It is able to create any website with different themes such as blog, store online, newspaper, and other things.

To optimize your traffic on your website, the best technology is geolocation. The geolocation is obtained by IP address which means Internet Protocol Address. An IP address is a unique identifying number for all internet-connected computers, printers, routers, modems, and even refrigerators. Every device that sends or receives internet traffic will be assigned an IP address.

Withing it, you will be able to create a buyer persona based on the geographical information such as their city, code, country, zip code, state, continent, latitude, time zone, and longitude depending on regional, international, and local location in real-time. Besides, this allows understanding their behavior and segments your customers in order to increase your selling or visitors.

To get better results on your website, we recommend using these IP Geolocation APIs:

1- IpXapi

ipXapi is a free system with an IP address to obtain a variety of localization data that may be used for different purposes such as setting geographic boundaries on your site, improving ad targeting, protecting your website, and delivering personalized user experiences based on their location.

The ipXapi database and API are integrated with a number of significant ISPs who provide information about new and current IP ranges on a regular basis, resulting in high IP data accuracy. 

You will also have access to 10.000 free requests per month. However, if you want more, you can go to the website, where you can find a variety of plans. It is also compatible with JSON, Python, and PHP Curl formats.

2- Positionstack

PositionStack is a free geocoding API for global locations and coordinates in real-time that is widely used by developers and businesses throughout the world due to the fact that it has support for virtually all nations and over two billion global addresses. To ensure a high level of accuracy for every geocoding API request, the API uses a number of reputable data sources. 


Ipify is a basic public IP address that works flawlessly regardless of the technology you’re using. With this open-source API, you may use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and the best part is that none of the visitors’ information is stored in the system.

You have no restrictions on how much you can use it (even if you’re making millions of queries per minute).

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