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Top Alternatives IP Geolocation APIs For Cyber Security

Are you searching for alternative IP geolocation APIs for cybersecurity? To get information about your security system, you should read this.

Cyber-attacks have happened all the time worldwide, the user suffered a lot of threats and viruses on some occasions for visiting an unknown website or having a low-security system. That’s why is too important to protect our security system which all personal information is exposed on the internet that it can be easily stolen and the virus can damage the computer.

To protect your website against cyber attacks with a powerful tool. The best useful tool is IP geolocation APIs that serve different purposes by many companies. For example, cybersecurity can use in order to prevent fraud. Besides, this system allows geolocation data in real-time which can reveal the IP address of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attackers. You can then take that information to the appropriate ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request that those IP addresses be blocked in order to stop the attack.

Top Alternatives IP Geolocation APIs For Cyber Security

Geolocation provides real-time information about a city, code, country, zip code, state, continent, latitude, time zone, and longitude depending on regional, international, and local location. Also, give you information about security systems such as proxy,  crawler, and tor.

To protect your security system, we recommend you use these websites:

1- Ipxapi

Top Alternatives IP Geolocation APIs For Cyber Security

With ipXapi obtains all information using an IP address. This network is easy to use and offers accurate geolocation data in real-time. It’s available in English and the information can be shown in Jason, Python, and Php Curl.

The ipXapi database and API are integrated with a number of large ISPs who routinely supply information about new and current IP ranges, resulting in a high level of IP data accuracy. Additionally, this data might help you categorize and analyze your visitors so you can deliver a better service or product.

Over 2 million distinct sites may be found in over 200.000 cities around the world.

2- Abstract IP Geolocation

Top Alternatives IP Geolocation APIs For Cyber Security

Abstract’s IP geolocation REST API can get IP geolocation information from IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in real-time. This comprises information such as the country code and flag, the city, the ZIP or postal code, the time zone, and more. This information can then be exported in JSON format. Their IP geolocation database is updated on a daily basis as a result of continual communication with ISPs.

By registering on their website, you may easily obtain a free API key. The documentation will assist you in quickly getting up and running. You’ll be able to serve up to 20,000 API returns every month at a rate of no more than 1 per second once you’ve achieved this. Threat data functionality is included in all product tiers. 


Top Alternatives IP Geolocation APIs For Cyber Security

DB-IP is a geolocation IP database available online. Users can look up IP addresses to see where they are located, as well as download and access the IP database. Developers can use the DB-IP API to access and combine DB-features IP’s with other apps.

With API you get information such as country name, language, currency code, and calling code, among other things. There are three product tiers to choose from. Each tier is divided into three parts to accommodate more API queries, and each part includes a free trial.

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