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Top Rated Alternative API To Open Exchange Rates Around The Web In 2023

Looking for a top rated API? Would you like that API to be a great alternative to Open Exchange Rates? Well, we have excellent news for you! Using this magnificent Metal Prices API, you will be able to obtain metal prices in a very easy way! Just check the info in the post!

Open Exchange Rates provides an extremely portable, lightweight, and user-friendly JSON API providing live and historical rates through a clear and easy-to-integrate API. To guarantee objectivity and fairness, numerous trustworthy sources of data are crawled and algorithmically combined. The public can access exchange rates that have been gathered from several trustworthy sources, aggregated, and shown in JSON using the Open Exchange Rates API. There are no lengthy agreements, challenging authentication processes, or complicated queries. That is, at least, the explanation they give on their website.

These facts, however, are hypothetical. This service has a lot of flaws in reality. Among other things, there were issues getting quotes, few tools, exorbitant prices, and poor customer service. Therefore, it’s crucial to have backup plans in case you decide to discontinue using Open Exchange Rates in the future. On the internet, there are a number of possibilities. The issue is that having a lot of options isn’t always a good thing. Alternatives exist, but not all offer high-quality services.

Following a thorough analysis of the alternatives, we are certain that this service, which is a perfect substitute for Open Exchange Rates API, will best meet the needs of the general public. We encourage you to read this post since we have provided a quick introduction to Metals – API! if you are interested in learning more. Don’t pass up the chance to try something new!

Metals – API is the alternative API to Open Exchange Rates!

Surely at some point, you came across Metals – API, while browsing the web. If you searched for metal prices, it is possible that on some occasions you have seen it in the search engine results. Although this API does not have the worldwide fame of Open Exchange Rates, it is the API with the greatest potential of all. In fact, it is the best idea to start the year 2023 using this service! You will surely wonder why. Well, because this platform is already the best of this 2022! Many international companies, recognized worldwide, are already enjoying the benefits that this API offers to their clients.

For example, clients like Barrick Gold (the mining company that operates in the world), Metex, Mansour, Chainlink, and Changelly, among others. These companies choose Metals – API because it is a fast and easy-to-use service. Unlike Open Exchange Rates, this API is characterized by its fast obtaining and updating of metal rates. With just one click, you will get the data in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, if you wanted to refresh the data, you would only need to wait 60 seconds! In addition, these data are delivered with a precision of 2 decimal places.

Open Exchange Rates also lacks good customer service. It is normal that customers have doubts or cannot solve some problems. That’s why Metals – API is committed to providing the best support, no matter what the problem. For this reason, there are more than 250,000 people who expressed their satisfaction after using this platform.

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