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Top Rated Alternatives APIs To Octoparse

Are you looking for alternatives to octoparse to act as a web scraping or crawler service? Then you should read this post, since we have great recommendations for you!

Web Scraping (also known as web data mining, or web crawling) has been widely applied in many fields today. Therefore, when a scraping tool reaches the public; it is the silver bullet for normal people with no programming skills; since its high threshold still locks many people out of Big Data.

A web scraping tool is automated capture technology and closes the gap between Big Data and each person; it is therefore vital to know how to choose one that allows you to do this.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Web Scraping Tools?

– Avoid doing repetitive jobs of copying and pasting data and doing web searches that could get your IP banned.

– Concentrate all extracted data in a well-structured format including, but not limited to, Excel, HTML, and CSV.

– Save yourself time and money by getting a professional data analyst even if you lack technical skills as the tool does all the work.

Octoparse is currently one of the options chosen by many users when it comes to meeting these needs, however; we know that it is far from being the best option both in relation to price and quality, as well as the type of technologies and security that it provides to its clients.

Therefore, it is important that you know that there are many alternatives to Octoparse that offer, in addition to better price options, better AI for extracting web information, and that in turn offer the simplest interfaces so that any novice can start working instantly.

That is why we would like to introduce you to these options, which we consider to be the best available in 2023!

These Are The Best Alternatives To Octoparse In 2023!

1. Codery

Codery is a tool and API capable of extracting almost all kinds of data you need on websites. You can use it to extract data from the web with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. Its interface is easy, just one click can guide you through the entire extraction process. As a result, you can easily extract website content and save it in structured formats like EXCEL, TXT, HTML, or your databases in a short period of time.

In addition, it provides a Scheduled Cloud Extraction that allows you to extract dynamic data in real-time and keep track of website updates. Try It here!

2. ParseHub

ParseHub is an excellent web scraper that supports collecting data from the web using AJAX technology, JavaScript, cookies, etc. Its machine-learning technology can read, analyze, and then transform web documents into relevant data.

However, you cannot set up more than five public projects on Parsehub and only through paid subscription plans will you be able to create up to 20 private projects to scrape websites.

3. Zyte

Zyte is a cloud-based Data Extraction Tool that helps thousands of developers get valuable data. Its open-source visual scraping tool allows users to scrape websites without any programming knowledge.

All of this is possible since it uses Crawlera, a smart proxy rotator that supports bypassing bot countermeasures to easily crawl huge or bot-protected sites. However, their paid plans start well above the competition.

Now that you know the most attractive options so that you can start using alternatives to Octoparse, we recommend that you try them and you will see that they have a lot to offer!

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