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Which Is The Best Alternative API To Apify In 2023?

Are you looking for alternatives to Apify to act as a web scraping; or crawler service but don’t know where to start? Then you should read this post, since we have the best answers!

Currently, search engines, such as Google, have long used the so-called scrapers or crawlers; which explore the Internet in search of terms defined by the user. Crawlers are special types of bots; which visit one web page after another to generate associations with search terms and categorize them.

On the other hand, during web scraping, data from web pages are extracted and stored for analysis or use elsewhere. By means of this web scraping, various types of information are stored: for example; contact data, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, or also search terms or URLs. These are stored in local databases or tables.

Therefore, the tools in charge of carrying out these tasks are becoming popular and increasing in quantity and functions; making the task of collecting web data possible in a simple and fast way.

Among these options, one of them currently stands out, Apify, which has been generating quite a stir for some time, and we believe that once the commotion has subsided, there may be better solutions out there, and therefore it is prudent to explore the best ones alternatives that have emerged in recent times.

That is why we would like to present you with a list of what we consider to be the best alternatives to Apify for this 2023, not only because they offer better prices or services, but also after having experienced each of them, we are sure that we are recommending a service to you. quality, try them today!

These Are The Best Alternatives To Apify In 2023!

1. Codery

Codery is a tool and API capable of extracting almost all kinds of data you need on websites. You can use it to extract data from the web with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. Its interface is easy, just one click can guide you through the entire extraction process. As a result, you can easily extract website content and save it in structured formats like EXCEL, TXT, HTML, or your databases in a short period of time.

In addition, it provides a Scheduled Cloud Extraction that allows you to extract dynamic data in real-time and keep track of website updates. Try It here!

2. allows you to scrape data based on your browser from any website and provides three types of bots for you to create a scraping task: extractor, crawler, and pipes.

The tool provides anonymous web proxy servers for your web scraping and your extracted data will be hosted on’s servers for two weeks before the data is archived, or you can directly export the extracted data to JSON or CSV files.

3. UI Path

UI Path is a process automation tool to automatically capture a web. It can automatically capture web and desktop data from most third-party applications.

In turn, it can extract tables and data based on patterns across multiple web pages and provides built-in tools for further web scraping. This method is very effective when dealing with complex user interfaces.

Now that you know the most attractive options so that you can start using alternatives to Apify, we recommend that you try them and you will see that they have a lot to offer!

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