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Top Rated Metals API For Worldwide Companies In 2023

Looking for an API that provides you with metal prices? Well, if you have a company that needs to obtain metal prices, this metal prices API is the right one! Are you interested? Would you like to find out more information? Well, in this post we will give you all the details!

Today, humanity could not live without metals. For these reasons, there are many companies that need metals as raw materials to be able to generate products that we will consume later. For example, metals are used in the field of medicine in order to cure different types of diseases in terms of micronutrient deficiencies. In the field of health, metals are part of different tools and spaces in hospitals and clinics. They are used for surgical elements and for some implants.

Electronics depend, as its name implies, on electricity. Today, we use electronic devices in almost all of our activities. The electronic devices that we know of use metals for different reasons. One of the main objectives is to facilitate the transfer of electricity from one place to another. Metals are excellent conductors, especially copper and lead. In the field of food, we can say that metals play a fundamental role in agriculture. This is for tilling the soil, sowing seeds, for cutting, among other issues. Metals are also used in construction. This is due to its strength and its ability to support weights, as well as its insulation potential, the aesthetics of its finishes, and its resistance to corrosion.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. You can have a medical company, an agricultural company, a construction company, or an electronics company and you will always need metals. For these reasons, we recommend using Metals – API, the API for trading in the metals market.

Metals – API is the top-rated API for Worldwide Companies!

Metals – API is the right option for companies that work with and need metals. For example, did you know that companies like Metex, Barrick Gold, Chainlink, and Injective Protocol are using this platform? If companies as famous as these use this system, your company could too! In addition, these numbers will surely give you greater security. Currently, there are more than 300,000 satisfied customers, 25 million requests per day, 19 years of historical data, 48ms average response time and much more!

One detail that we did not mention is the sources of information. Metals – API currently collects information from 16 information sources. You should know that these 16 sources of information are 100% reliable. Some of these companies are London Metal Exchange (LME), London Bullion Market Association (LMBA), and New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), among other options. If you want to know all the available options, contact Metals – API customer service. They will give you all the information you are looking for and solve your problems.

Finally, the prices of this platform can be seen on the website. Each plan has a metal name and they all have annual plans. You only have to pay once a year and then you can forget about it for 1 year. The platinum plan, for example, offers 1,000,000 API calls per month for only $2,200 per year. An incredible offer. But there are also cheaper and cheaper plans, just look for the one that best suits your budget and your needs.

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