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Category: Fintech

Partnership in the financial industry to get digital growth

Digital technology is transforming the expectations and preferences of customers, challenging the leaders of the industries to adapt and evolve their business models. The financial services industry is no exception. The massive adoption and global ubiquity of mobile phones, coupled with the digitalization of financial processes and services, has created…

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The Fed has concerns about fintech regulations

The US Federal Reserve is reluctant to grant fintech access to the country’s financial infrastructure, including its clearing and settlement systems. The concern arises from the perception that these companies do not have robust risk controls or consumer protection systems that common banks must have to operate. “I am concerned…

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Fintech & AI: How to increase customer value?

While much of today’s fintech debate focuses on the potential applications of technology to financial services, the underlying reasons why the industry is seeking innovation so aggressively at this time are also important. To a large extent, it reflects the realities of the current environment: the need to reduce costs,…

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Banks dilemma: Make or Buy B2B FinTechs?

B2B FinTechs could not have had a sustainable foothold in corporate banking in 2018, reports ING Germany. Although FinTechs and banks have come closer together in the cooperation, the persistently difficult market environment still poses enormous challenges for both players: corporate customers are more likely to avoid risks, have extremely…

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The future of German banks: Fintech growing and Deutsche Bank struggling

The new cash injection for N26 is a fan of the German fintech scene. A comparison with Deutsche Bank reveals a lot about our risky bets on the future The future of German banks in 2019 is somewhere between 2.3 billion and 15 billion euros. The first number since Thursday…

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