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Category: Startups

How a platform will help companies to save energy and money

When a company raises its staff immediately one of the problems that arise in their areas of human resources is the management and management of financial resources. In this sense, technology has been advancing in the development of various alternatives that help to make time and costs more efficient for…

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Amazon closing an e-commerce store: When do you get to this point?

Amazon.com Inc. is preparing to close a Chinese online store that serves consumers in mainland China, according to people familiar with the subject. What is still on? Other Amazon operations in China, such as Amazon Web Services, Kindle e-books and cross-border equipment that help send merchandise from Chinese merchants to…

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Entrepreneurs: Do not overlook the “marketing technology” developed in this country

During the last fifteen years, one of the most successful technology segments for Israeli technology entrepreneurs has been the advertising technology industry, better known as “adtech” or, more recently, “martech”: marketing technology, It includes additional marketing functionality beyond advertising that is now being addressed by technology companies. Rapid development and…

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Adtech: designing business in the digital industry

There is no doubt that the digital marketing industry, which has allowed me to develop professionally for so many years, has been transformed several times, but never as deeply as with the introduction of technology (Adtech) in almost all aspects of campaign operation. advertising. As always, technology advances faster than…

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Berlin startups could lose investors to another city

Berlin as an important address for startup financiers? The capital threatens to be overtaken by investments from Paris – because France avoids the mistakes of German politicians. According to a study Paris could overtake Berlin in the coming years for investments in startups. In 2018, lenders spent almost 2.5 billion…

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Austrian startups have received insane amounts of funding in 2018

In 2018, Austrian startups have landed more deals than ever before. This is the result of the fourth edition of Startup Report Austria. A total of 238 million euros were invested last year in Austrian startups. In 2017, only 133 million euros were collected, as trending topics reported. The data…

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