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Try This API To Get Ethanol Rates In USD

Are you interested in investing in ethanol? Check this API to know the updated price

Ethanol fuel is ethyl alcohol, the same alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, that is used as a source of energy. It is primarily utilized as a biofuel addition for gasoline and as a motor fuel. Ethanol is commonly produced from biomass such as corn or sugarcane.

In Brazil, the United States, and Europe, ethanol-blend fuel is widely utilized. Nowadays, most cars on the road in the United States can operate on ethanol mixes of up to 10%, which accounts for 10% of all gasoline sold in the country. Some flexible-fuel vehicles can run on as much as 100% ethanol.

As you can see, this product is usually used by the American people and is in great demand in other countries. For this reason, many persons decide to invest in this type of product. However, it can be very difficult to get income in this business if you don’t have the necessary and confidence tools. 

Try This API To Get Ethanol Rates In USD

In that way, we strongly suggest using an API, which is an interface that connects two computers and allows them to communicate with each other, and share information.

How does Commodities-API work?

Commodities-API is a software that provides real-time data, in this case, on ethanol with updates occurring every 60 seconds. It also offers historical data, so you can see what happened, and to help you analyze your next steps.

With this technology, you can obtain real-time data on a lot of commodities rates. This mechanism is something used in many industries and websites for their business. 

Try This API To Get Ethanol Rates In USD

To get the API, you have to:

1. Enter and sign in to get your own API key. 

2. Search for the symbols of Ethanol and USD.

3. Use these symbols to find the commodity and currency in the list. Once you choose them, make the API call.

4. The website will return you an API in various programming languages that you can adapt and use and adapt however you like.

The result will look something like this:


“success”: true,

“timestamp”: 1519296206,

“base”: “EUR”,

“date”: “2018-09-10”,

“rates”: {

“AUD”: 1.566015,

“CAD”: 1.560132,

“CHF”: 1.154727,

“CNY”: 7.827874,

“GBP”: 0.882047,

“JPY”: 132.360679,

“USD”: 1.23396,




Is This Information Reliable?

Of course! This software uses an API to get data from banks and the stock market, making it completely trustworthy. The information is then provided with a precision of two decimal points and can be translated to JSON, PHP, and Python. Furthermore, Commodities-API protects your connection with bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption.

This API returns midpoint data, which is calculated by averaging the median bid and ask rates for a specific time period. The same API endpoints are used for currency and commodity price conversions, and they can convert any amount from one currency to another, from one commodity to another, or from one currency to another.

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