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Use A Forex API To Get Historical Rates Of The Euro Currency

Do you want to get historical rates of the euro currency? You must use a Forex API! In this post, we’ll talk about one.

The Euro is one of the country’s most significant currencies. It is Europe’s favored currency since it is utilized by the European Union’s member countries. On January 1, 1999, the euro was adopted as a currency of account in global financial markets, replacing the previous European Monetary Unit (ECU).

Forex API historical rates euro

Inflation is already a fact in the central economies of the world. For this reason, there was a lot of movement in the prices of the currencies of the main markets. Today the euro fell as a result of the negative expectation generated by the rise in interest rates by central banks, starting with the FED and followed by several European banks. As several specialists have been warning, this could, unfortunately, translate into a major recession.

Another factor that greatly influences the situation of the Euro is the war in Ukraine. In recent months the European currency has been plummeting against the dollar. However, this situation should not be understood unilaterally as the US dollar is also suffering some setbacks. This year, the euro touched 1.1 dollars.

If you want to purchase this currency, it is important to have a view of its historical behavior. This information will help you to prepare the best moment to buy and have a profit. You will have to see other moments where the euro has lived through crises or conflictive situations, to understand what the analogous moments in history are and if there are better or worse moments to buy.

Use An API

If you want to better understand the forex data and the dynamics of the euro, an API will be a more than necessary tool for you. It sends updated information from one device to others. Companies use APIs to include them in digital media.

If you want to buy in the international currency market or you have a company that assists investors, this tool will be very useful. You can see forex and euro information in real-time and its historical rates. This information obtained from the most reliable sources will help you think about the best time to invest. The tool that you need is Exchangr.

Forex API historical rates euro

Why Exchangr?

From its free version, this API gives data from external currencies all around the globe. In this scenario, you will be able to obtain all of the euro’s forex and financial price information. It is not sufficient to just monitor the day’s value, which also communicates precisely in actuality. The Exchangr API gives you access to past rate data.

Furthermore, it obtains information from the world’s most powerful financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the European Central Bank. It is a user-friendly API that programmers appreciate since it could be used in a variety of operating systems languages including JSON, Python, PHP, C#, and Ruby. It will help you to have all the factors that influence currency values in mind and become a greater investor.

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