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Use A Text Reader For TikTok Voiceover

TikTok, also known in China as Douyin (抖音), is indeed a Chinese social media platform that produces a variety of short and vertical configuration videos, ranging in length from 15 seconds to 3 and 5 minutes, in genres such as dance, comedy, and education. Because the short videos do not have a set playback time, they play continuously, creating a Loop effect. TikTok is the international version of Douyin, which was first released in China in September 2016. However, outside of China, TikTok first debuted in 2017 for iOS and Android in most regions; nonetheless, it was only available globally after combining with the other ground-shaking Chinese social site,, in 2018. Without a question, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today; consequently, whether you’re a content producer, influencer, or simply enjoy having fun on creative platforms, we suggest using Woord‘s Text Reader For TikTok Voiceover

Use A Text Reader For TikTok Voiceover

What Is Text-To-Speech?

A text-to-speech tool, often known as a text reader or TTS software, does exactly what its name implies: it “reads” text aloud. These tools need very little involvement from the customer aside from copying and pasting the text to be modified. An algorithm is then used by the text-to-speech generator to create an audio version of the text.

Although every piece of software is different, the most complex technologies handle multiple languages and provide a range of natural-sounding male, female, and non-binary voices. We’ll share with you the one that has worked best for us: Woord.

How To Use Woord‘s Text Reader For TikTok Voiceover

As this technology has grown in popularity, there is now a large range of TTS software available. Unfortunately, not all of these software tools are of comparable quality or provide the same advantages. As a result, we strongly recommend Woord.

This Free AI Voice Generator has two fantastic features: it’s free, and the audios it produces are of excellent quality. Of course, there may be better software for your needs, but Woord has proven to be incredibly versatile when it comes to creating various forms of material in our experience.

Even if you’ve never made anything quite like it, you won’t struggle using it because the UI is simple yet effective. Just go to and follow these 3 instructions:

Use A Text Reader For TikTok Voiceover
  1. To begin, select the format of the file you want to convert; some options are pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, and ppt (x). You can also immediately write or transcribe it in the SSML editor.
  2. Then select certain audio options, such as voice gender, voice language, voice pace, and device profiles.
  3. Finally, press the ‘speak it!’ button; the audio will be ready in a few moments. You can listen to it before downloading it and return to it if it needs more work.

Learn More About Woord

How To Use Woord’s SSML Editor

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