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Use An API To Create Charts For Propane Prices

In this article, we present an API that will be very useful. It will help you in creating charts for propane prices.

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This is obtained thanks to oil and gas extraction. It is very similar to butane gas because they have similar characteristics and applications. The commercially sold propane gas mixes with 80% hydrocarbons. This would not be pure propane like the one we talked about at the beginning. However, the composition of the mixture varies depending on the place where it is being marketed.

propane prices API

There are several ways to obtain this type of material. On the one hand, in the refining process, it can be separated from the oil. On the other hand, natural gas is fractionated. It can be used in many sectors of industry.

Propane gas is useful in areas such as agriculture, and livestock, and at the other extreme also in metallurgy and iron and steel. It is also used extensively in restaurant kitchens or for home or space heating.

The costs of propane gas depend, like other natural resources in the world, on countless factors. They can be macroeconomic as far as supply chains are concerned, and their global supply and demand.

But also from the same propane gas business. Its value has to do with the way it is provided as well. For example, if the format is channeled, in bulk or a bottle. That is why its price is quite dynamic and it is necessary to look at how it is every day. For this, an API that provides data on propane gas values ​​in real-time will be very useful.

Use An API

In this sense, as we said, it is important to use an API. This will allow you to incorporate information on cash values and derivatives of propane gas. Developers use endpoint documents to be able to include this information in their various digital channels. However, not all technologies of this type provide the same information.

Here we will make a special recommendation with Commodities-API. In addition to collecting a huge amount of information on the prices of different items such as propane gas, it will also provide you with others such as oil or gas and more.

The interesting thing about this API is that it also has as sources of information the most important markets in the world such as CME Group. That’s why it’s a COMEX/NYMEX Rates API. In addition, with all this information you will be able to create graphics to simplify this information and provide it to a large audience.

propane prices API

Why Commodities-API?

Commodities-API will provide you with up-to-the-minute information on the prices of various natural resources. It is one of the most accurate. You will also be able to explore the past rates of various products and obtain fluctuation data. All of this will allow you to create charts to display information in an orderly manner. This can help the audience see the price data and decide the optimal time to buy or sell.

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