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Use An API To Know Which Companies Are Browsing Your Site

Do you want to know who visits your website? You should read this article which gives you the best tool to get it.

Nowadays, it is not easy to collect information without asking the user. There are many reasons why they deny to provide information, one of them is they don’t have time to fill out a form and in some cases, they don’t trust the website due to the fact that many websites had stolen personal information from their visitors.

Knowing who visits your site may help you optimize it, segment your audience and create advertising campaigns based on their region, and provide a specialized product or service to give your customers a better experience.

To avoid asking the user, the best option is using API, the most accurate and modern technology which many companies are using in their business in order to identify who visits their website in real-time. 

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a link between two computers or programs. It’s a form of software interface that provides a service to other programs.

The best tool is Ipxapi that provides information about the nation, the currency code, and the calling code, among other things, using API in real-time. Also, provides information about security systems such as proxy, crawler, and tor.

This website obtains the information thought by IP address that it is a numerical identification, such as, that identifies a computer network that communicates using the Internet Protocol. The fundamental functionalities of an IP address are network interface identification and location addressing.

The ipXapi database and API are related to a number of big Internet service providers (ISPs), who give continuous updates on new and current IP ranges, resulting in extremely precise IP data.

You’ll also receive monthly access to 10.000 free requests. These formats JSON, Python, and PHP Curl are all compatible.

How to use it

1- Register for an account at

2-Type in the IP address from which you want to collect information.

3- Send it out and receive a response back.

4- Save the API to your hard drive and use it whenever you need it.

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