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Use These Web Scraping Free APIs To Extract Information Without Bans

Did you have problems copying data from the websites? Use these web scraping-free APIs to extract information without bans.

Technology development has automated every single process. Web scraping is one example of that. Web scraping tools are software programmed to search through databases and extract customers’ information. Companies usually use it to find contact information or compare prices across the web, for example. If you need this data, the only way to get it is to manually copy and paste it. And as we know, doing that every day can be exhausting. Web scraping is a method of automating this process so that, instead of manually downloading data from websites, the Web Scraping software may do so in a fraction of the time.

API refers to the application programming interface, and it acts as a bridge between various software applications. The main objective of an API is to allow one software to quickly refer to another. Only a certain amount and kind of information is shared between these software APIs, and they operate as a bridge to connect the consultation with the solution. The rules for data transfer are fixed, and only a programmer can change them with a new software API as a result. In addition, it’s critical to remember that while using API, rigorous rules and regulations will only allow the company to get certain data and access to a limited number of data fields.

It’s necessary that you’re able to pick the web scraping program that best suits your needs. This is due to a large number of APIs available, each with a different set of pricing and capabilities that you may or may not require. As a solution, you should use these web scraping free APIs to extract information without bans:

1. Codery

The Codery API crawls a website and extracts all of its structured data. You only need to provide the URL and they will take care of the rest.  In the form of an auto-filling spreadsheet, extract specific data from any webpage.

Using Codery, with a single request, the scale search engine crawls pages. Furthermore, to manage all types of websites, use a real browser to scrape and handle all of the javascript that runs on the page.

2. Scraper API

Scraper API is the second tool we will analyze. It supports browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs, allowing you to get raw HTML from any website with a single API call.

Scraper API’s main features include the ability to render Javascript, ease of integration, and geolocated Rotating Proxies. To construct scalable web scrapers, you’ll need a lot of speed and reliability.

3. Browse AI

Browse AI is an API for web scraping that allows you to extract specific data from any website in the form of a spreadsheet that fills itself. Moreover, this platform has the possibility of monitoring and getting notified of changes.

Browse 1-click automation for popular use cases is another of the features Browse AI has to offer. Used by more than 2500 individuals and companies, it has flexible pricing and geolocation-based data. 

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