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Free AI Voice Generators For Inshot Videos

Do you want to make a video and need a Free AI Voice Generator to add audio to it? We have some advice about that. Read this article to know what APIs you can use to make an incredible voice-off! 

Videos are everywhere: on the news, on social media, and all over the Internet! People use it for diverse purposes, from promoting products or services on Instagram Reels to posting a vlog on YouTube. They catch our attention at the first moment with their visuals and movement. So they are very important to connect with clients or for having fun, of course. 

There are different apps to create videos but InShot -in Android- has become widely popular in the last 5 years. With this editor, you can produce your clips by adding photos or videos and even write something on them. Then you will cut, trim, split or merge, remove the parts you don’t like, or adjust the speed. If you want more great stuff, you can also put stickers, filters, and effects.

Free AI Voice Generators For Inshot Videos

But the most useful feature of InShot is the audio tool. Sometimes a voice-over it’s better to explain what you are seeing, whether you are editing a marketing video or a familiar scene. This app allows you to use free-rights music, your own audio, or voiceovers, and custom them with sound effects. That’s why we recommend to you the best 3 APIs: Woord, Wideo, and Watson. You can add realistic voices to your video with any of them! 


Free AI Voice Generators For Inshot Videos

Woord is a Free Ai Voice generator which works with text-to-speech technology. You can convert any text you have to audio! For example, if the video is about a cosmetic product, you can use it to pass the Guion to a personalized speech. 

You would choose over 60 voices from more than 10 different languages, pick a gender and edit the pace. It will sound natural, with high quality. Once you have your ideal speaker, what is left is to sign up and download the audio in MP3 format. And that’s all! 


Free AI Voice Generators For Inshot Videos

Wideo it’s an online video editor that has the TTS option embedded. Don’t worry: it’s also free. You can use it to convert from text to voice and download the audio file to upload later to the video editor. Your videos will be more dynamic and inclusive with an accurate voiceover.


Free AI Voice Generators For Inshot Videos

Watson is a free service offered by IBM that works in an API cloud. Trying its live demo you can make the perfect audio for your video, choosing between a lot of languages and voices. This will increase accessibility for users with hearing problems and help understand what is going on if the sound of the video isn’t clear enough.

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