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Use This API To Track US Futures Market Prices In 2023

Track American Futures Market Prices? Well, we have great news for you! There is a US futures market API on the internet, which has many tools and will allow you to obtain future prices. We highly recommend using it! We will leave you with more information in this informative article.

In the Futures market, contracts for certain standardized assets or merchandise (size and price) are traded. At the time of initiating a contract, the price agreed to carry out an exchange on a certain future date (contract expiration date) is known in advance. The price of the futures contract is derived from a reference asset or an underlying, in this market, there are many assets or raw materials, such as shares, stock market indices, gold, oil, and rice, among other products.

Use This API To Track US Futures Market Prices In 2023

Futures markets have grown a lot in recent years, largely due to the advantages they offer. Different types of operations can be carried out with futures contracts, among which speculation, portfolio hedging or price arbitrage can be highlighted. The risk of this type of contract is that the buyer and the seller must carry out the commercial transaction. Inevitably, one of the two will lose. For example, it could happen that the price of gold in 4 months is 20% lower, but the opposite could also happen, that the price of gold rises by 20%.

Therefore, in order to negotiate the price and get the most benefit from this type of investment, it is advisable to use the tools offered by the Internet. And one of these digital tools available on the internet is Metals – API. This US futures market API is the best if you want to get quotes from the metal futures market.

Use Metals – API to track US Futures Market Prices in 2023!

The year 2022 is coming to an end and because of that, it is important to end the year in the best possible way to start 2023 in the right way. Therefore, if you are an investor in the metal futures market, Metals – API is the tool you are looking for. Remember that the prices you will get will depend on the type of metal. Each metal can offer future contracts monthly, bimonthly, and every 3 months, among others. What this platform will do is give you the prices of the future contract closest to the date. For example, right now we are in November. If the next gold futures contract is in January, then that will be the price you receive.

Use This API To Track US Futures Market Prices In 2023

Do not worry because the information is obtained from the main stock exchanges in the world. Therefore, it is 100% sure that you will receive reliable data. And also, something we did not mention is speed. This information about future contracts is obtained with impressive speed. It is so fast that you will surely be surprised when you try this service.

Finally, if you are interested in investing in a different way, whether it is buying gold as savings or some other metal, surely these endpoints will help you meet those objectives. For example, the Latest rates endpoint, Convert endpoint, Historical rates endpoint, Time – Series data endpoint, and Fluctuation data endpoint, among other endpoints. In the documentation (located on the Metals – API website) you will find the description of each one.

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