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Want To Detect Plagiarism On Your Student’s Homework? Check These Tools!

Do you want to detect plagiarism on your student’s homework? Then, you should check these tools and find out how to save valuable time!

If it happens to you to suspect your students may be copying someone else’s work in order to fulfill the assessments you give them, you may be in front of plagiarized texts. Unfortunately, nowadays, this is a common practice that, as a teacher, you will want to eliminate from your class.

First, plagiarism attacks fully to educational integrity by hindering students to approach a high level knowledge development and independence learning. Therefore, if you have any reasons to believe that the assessment you are qualifying has been plagiarized, you may need to be assisted by a tool that helps you check it.

Want To Detect Plagiarism On Your Student's Homework? Check These Tools!

Secondly, you surely know that correcting lots of homework word-by-word could take you more than a couple of hours. To sum up, you will extra journal days in order to check by hand online if the content of the assessment has already been published.

Nevertheless, you should not worry. There are high-level software programs available online that can easily assist you during this hard task. Here are some of them.

Want To Detect Plagiarism On Your Student's Homework? Check These Tools!


Cheplag is an API that is made to solve up this huge problem. It allows you to detect any copied text and avoid plagiarism among your students in a very easy and quick way. This saas provides highlighted portions of duplicated content, so you can detect immediately if a homework has been copied.

Besides, this plagiarism detector offers a free plan which allows you to analyze over 50,000 words without any need to invest money from your pocket. We encourage teachers to make use of it in order to avoid copyright infringement among their students, as a way of helping them to be 100% original. 


Want To Detect Plagiarism On Your Student's Homework? Check These Tools!

Turnitin is another plagiarism API that allows you to streamline manual grading in order to gain time you may want to dedicate to the preparation of your following lessons. It will also help you address any potential misconduct, so you can ensure academic excellence. Also, its friendly design will enable you to track the results easily.

Want To Detect Plagiarism On Your Student's Homework? Check These Tools!


This plagiarism detector offers you the chance to analyze over 25,000 words at once. Besides, it provides you the percentage of text that has been duplicated from someone else’s work. By making use of Duplichecker, you will quickly detect if your students have plagiarized the homework you assigned them.

These are some useful tools to avoid plagiarism that will help you ensure   quality and improve your job in front of a class. Start now and enjoy their benefits!

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