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Adjust synonyms with a rephraser API

Do you feel the need to expand your vocabulary? What you know isn’t enough for your writing? Here you’ll have access to a rephraser API that will help you!

We all know that the most effective tools to increase your vocabulary are reading, attentive listening, and text analysis, among other activities. The dictionary used to be on everybody’s bookshelves to look for new words and definitions. There was no doubt of its utility as a paper database of information. Like reading, searching through a dictionary was well-seen activity. You looked clever and educated by doing it.

These days, those activities and dictionaries look old-fashioned to many young people, and it’s even worst to those natives of the full-digital era. In the last fifteen years, children seem to come with a phone in their hands. Anything they want to know is there without much effort, and they learn to use it a record time. On the internet, they can find dictionaries, and all kinds of sources of information, though it’s crucial to acquire some filters against erroneous or misleading information.

Here, you’re about to read of an API that is a safe circuit with features like a wide range of synonyms to adjust your text and many more services. You won’t need to grab a dictionary, you’ll see.

rephraser API

Adjust synonyms with a rephraser API

When you run out of ideas or words, Plaraphy can assist you. In their options to rephrase something you wrote, you have access to a full list of synonyms to choose from. Likewise, if the result from the API doesn’t satisfy you, it’s possible to pick up another word from that list. The system will give you an answer according to what you paste, but you know better than none the context of the paragraph you wanted to change. Anyway, we can say that this API has a dictionary in its system to shorten the time and it’s available without restrictions.

However, if you subscribe to a paid plan, you’ll have more characters to use and a bigger number of requests to make.

How to start using a rephraser API such as Plaraphy to adjust synonyms

1- Put copy and search to this link:
2- Click on the ‘Pricing’ option to see all the alternatives for using this API.
3- Choose the best for you and create an API key.
4- Copy and paste the text you want to rephrase.
5- Opt for a mode to change your text: standard, fluency or creative.
6- Press the ‘Paraphrase’ button and wait for the answer. It just takes some seconds.
7- Look into the synonyms list and choose another, if you don’t like the outcome.

rephraser API

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