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We All Need To Be Original, Incorporate This Rewriter API To Create The Best Content

Want to create excellent, joyful, and original content?  This rewriter API will open to door to achieving all of this and more. 

In these times a common say is that everything is already invented and that Google knows everything. It is normal that if you have a blog or a website where you update or write news, you will find thousands of similar articles on the Internet. But not everything goes in this life and plagiarism is one of the things that is penalized the most on the Internet

The action of plagiarism is penalized by making your page stop being indexed by its search engine “robots”. This causes it not to appear in the search results. High-quality, original, and search-engine-optimized content is critical to your SEO and influences how close you can get to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

When you reuse content, you are not creating something unique and relevant to your audience. Copying can save time and money. It also leads to a bunch of worthless pages that Google will associate with your brand.

In consequence, the most accurate way to make sure that you’re creating original and the best content is by using a rewriter API. 

Rewriter API

Content Strategy 

In a successful content strategy, the role of the content writer is essential to provide quality texts. One optimized for search engines, that help attract users of a certain profile, that favor web positioning, and that add value to users.

The characteristics of a content writer must align with a series of important aspects such as language proficiency, SEO knowledge, use of copywriting techniques, and the ability to research and synthesize information, originality, among others.

Creating original content is essential to good positioning in search engines. But it goes way further. Originality helps readers to know more about you, the personality of your company, the tone it uses to talk to others, and more. 

Through originality users and clients can connect with your brand. It allows them to know your better and create a deeper bond. Therefore, one of the best allies your company could incorporate is a rewriter API. This way, your company can make sure to continuously upload unique content. 

Hence, with this API it is possible to use already existing content. Maybe the content the company developed months ago needs a refresh. Well, to achieve this you could integrate Plaraphy

Plaraphy: Rewriter API

Now that you know about the importance of creating original content and the negative sides of plagiarism, it is time to talk about Plaraphy. 

Plaraphy is an application programming interface that works with Natural Language Processing. Thanks to this technology, the API goes all the way to rewrite the content and capture plagiarism. But this is not everything, Plaraphy also offers the possibility of analyzing sentiment, classifying themes and keywords, and summarizing texts. 

Hence, Plaraphy offers a long list of possibilities and features. Plus, you will never get out of ideas. This excellent API will make sure that won’t happen.

Rewriter API

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