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Webmasters, Use This Website Categorization API Today!

Are you looking for a way for improving your website productivity? In this post, you will learn all about how a website categorization API can help you!

Website categorization is a service that lets you assign categories to your website. This can be done by uploading a list of categories (URLs) or by using the auto-categorization feature. The auto-categorization feature makes use of a machine learning algorithm that works with data from millions of websites in order to automatically assign categories to your new sites.

When you integrate a categorization API with your website, Google may review and categorize pages on your site that match a user query. This helps Google better understand your content and provides users with accurate search results with rich snippets.

In addition to providing more relevant search results, the label information also helps improve user engagement by personalizing content and ads. For example, if you label your site as a news site, then users may see news updates in their search results when they visit your site.

Also, by categorizing your website according to the IAB categories and subcategories it can be used for enhancing your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and improving your site’s user experience. APIs usually use the IAB standards for website categorization.

A Website categorization API is a set of RESTful APIs that allows you to categorize your website using the same categories that Google uses to organize webpages in search results.

That is why we recommend you try this website categorization API out today!

Why Klazify?

Klazify is a well-known and widely used API in today’s world. This program uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect online information and a Machine Learning Engine to evaluate a website’s content and meta tags.

Klazify have also a search engine that sorts web pages and businesses into categories depending on their expertise. Its goal is to locate, rate, and categorize the greatest websites on the web (up to 3 levels).

Also, Klazify’s website classification API categorizes websites into one of the pre-defined categories, based on the content. It also provides other information about your websites like its title and description. If you want to provide a better user experience, you can use this API to categorize your website in the right category, which will help users find your website easily. The API uses the IAB standards for website categorization. It also supports multiple languages.

How To Use It?

1. Go to and get an API key.

2. Paste the URL, domain, email address, or text to be categorized into the provided box, then confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the submit button.

3. You’ll then receive the API answer in your preferred programming language. Klazify makes use of JSON, Python, and PHP.

4. Select the best result and save it. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

For additional information, go to

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