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What Are The Best Content Classification API For Parental Control?

Security in the Internet world is the most difficult thing to achieve, people are trying to get personal information from users at any cost, for that reason there are tools to know the conformation of each web administrator, these are called content classification pages and allow users to see behind the curtain on how the pages that they use every day work, but the most important thing is that they take a step forward in preventing young people from the dangers of the Internet.

Some of these content classification API are more complete than others, but all of them can help users be more safe online, and not only that, they can also be a very helpful tool in the world of parental control. 


One of the most complete content classification API is Klazify, this page allows you to have all the information you need by only putting the domain on the search bar. It doesn’t matter if you have a programmers degree or you just want to know what the website is about, Klazify has all the information you need and the first viewings are for free.

Being one of the most complete API in the market, Klazify also it fulfils the function of being able to be used by programmers since their answers are given in the JSON format, which can be read both by professionals and by all types of users.

How Does Klazify Work

Klazify will navigate to the requested domain name or URL, collect its content,  and determine appropriate categorizations based on a classification taxonomy: IAB V2 Standard, which can be used for 1-1 personalization, marketing segmentation, online filtering and more. The end result is that the URL or domain can now be placed in a specific category.


On the other hand, the API URL-Classification has a similar service only that the first search doesn’t give much information about the site, in has only to categories, unless you have a much thorough search, in that case you can divide your investigation, but it fails to give you all the information at once.


In the case for BrandFetch the search engine fails to categorize what the page is about, it only presents to you the logos and fonts, the difference between the other two content classifications is its interface.

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