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What are these 9 potential startups offering?

The delegation that accompanies Hamburg Startups to Austin, Texas on their trip to the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) is as big as never before. Already next week it starts, so time to introduce all participants. The start is made today by nine startups who want to get Austin started with us.

Daily Dress

DailyDress is a kind of virtual wardrobe with shopping function. The users mark garments that they own with the app. To suit every occasion, DailyDress suggests the best inventory combination. The startup earns money by recommending additional parts, which can also be ordered via partners.

Austin is joined by Jennifer Schäfer, co-founder and CEO of DailyDress. She studied Communication Management in Cologne and Business Marketing in Glasgow. Prior to founding DailyDress in 2016, she was on trivago online marketing, beware! and Google.


To start a new job in a new country is a challenge. Localyze solves this problem for individuals and businesses with software that provides users with the necessary information throughout the move, covering everything from visa and accommodation to leisure activities.

The trip to Texas will be joined by Hanna Asmussen and Lisa Dahlke, two of the three founders of Localyze. Hanna was previously a management consultant and Lisa is a HR specialist.


Tomorrow is a fintech that combines mobile banking and sustainability. Tomorrow offers a mobile checking account and will expand its offer into a comprehensive digital financial platform. Thus, the company offers a variety of ways to do good with banking. For example, the startup finances organic farming, renewable energies and microcredits.

At SXSW Jakob Berndt, Inas Nureldin and Michael Schweikart represent the startup. Jakob, as co-founder of Lemonaid Beverages, already has some experience in social business. Inas is the founder of Tomorrow and has also had entrepreneurial success with Muddy Boots Software, as well as Michael at Instaff and jobs4refugees.


Cargonexx is setting up an intelligent transport network for long-distance transport. Artificial neural networks compile individual transport routes to optimal combinations and allocate them to free capacities. In this way, the utilization of the vehicles increases sustainably. Shippers save costs, emissions are reduced and traffic is relieved.

Founder of Cargonexx is Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz, who will also fly to Austin. He studied at WHU Vallendar, worked in the Otto Consulting’s in-house consultancy and was managing partner at Schickler Unternehmensberatung.


COLDPLASMATECH from Greifswald has developed a medical device that promises a solution for the treatment of chronic wounds. It uses cold plasma that destroys multidrug-resistant bacteria and stimulates the body’s self-healing powers. The electronic wound dressing creates cold plasma directly on the skin, giving patients hope for healing.

In Texas at the start is Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz. He studied biology and economics and did his doctorate in chemistry. Thereafter, he worked as a management consultant, changed to the management of a technology company and led parallel from 2013 a working group at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, which led to the founding of COLDPLASMATECH in 2015.


The AIRY GreenTech GmbH produces plant pots with an internationally patented air purification system that harnesses the power of indoor plants. Through their root system, plants can absorb pollutants from the indoor air and thus improve the air quality in offices and apartments.

Peer-Arne Böttcher, co-founder of AIRY, strengthens the SXSW delegation and has already seen a lot in his career. So he published at 19 a book for celebrities had painted lighthouses. He was a travel reporter and, together with XING founder Lars Hinrichs, ran an agency for corporate communications, founded an investment company in 2002 and the Business Club Hamburg in 2008.


How do employees find the right job and how do employers find suitable employees? The answer is JobMatchMe using artificial intelligence. A questionnaire is used to determine a personality profile that is included in the evaluation. This ensures that the best basis for a long-term working relationship exists.

At the South by Southwest Festival, Daniel Stancke and Dr. Gunnar Wrobel. Daniel is the CEO of JobMatchMe and worked for VW for a long time before founding in 2016, most recently focusing on innovative recruiting methods. Gunnar is a CTO and IT expert with more than a decade of web development experience.

Scribers [HUB]

SCRIBERS [HUB] is a placement service for freelance copywriters, authors and journalists for every industry, every media type and every textual form. Clerks and customers are matched within 24 hours. More than 1,100 authors are available to choose from – all verified on quality standards with CV, work samples and references.

Sabine Fäth takes on the leap across the Atlantic. She has a degree in English, Hispanic and Business Studies and then started a publishing career. After 16 years as editor-in-chief of women’s magazines, she founded SCRIBERS [HUB] in 2016.

Virtual Reality Headquarters

Virtual Reality Headquarters (VRHQ) from Hamburg is an experience area, Innolab and development site for virtual and augmented reality. Uniquely in Europe, the latest technological developments are being created here on over 2,000 square meters in the middle of the Speicherstadt. Two highlights from the VRHQ site in Austin are Skycruise and The Gate.

It will be introduced by Nicolas Chibac, founder of SpiceVR. SXSW is no new territory for him. With his drone Spherie, which enables 360 ° VR footage, he made it to 2016 in the final of the SXSW Accelerator, the official startup competition.

Traditionally, Hamburg startups have made an excellent showing at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Hamburg Startups is now an official partner of the event and reports here about the SXSW adventures of the largest delegation we have accompanied, which we actively support on site. This is made possible by our great partners from Deutsche Bank, Hamburg Invest, Beiersdorf, Sutor Bank, Lufthansa Industries Solutions as well as EY and Vast Forward, to which we sincerely thank you!

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