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What is Cuenca and how can it help you make electronic payments?

In Mexico, traditional banking has had difficulties in offering high-level service, especially in the digital age. In fact, only 35% of Mexicans who have a bank account have stated that their bank offers good products and services. In this way fintech have a great potential to improve this problem, and in this framework arises the Cuenca fintech.

What is Cuenca and how can it help you make electronic payments?

The problem of the lack of adequate digital services by the current financial institutions adds that more than 60% of the Mexican population is not banked. And this percentage ranges from users who prefer to keep their cash at home. With the implications of Lack of security that implies, some who have a bank account but do not use it and even those who have not had time or documentation to go to the bank.

Cuenca intends to provide a solution to this problem by allowing transfers to and from any Mexican bank in real time in a secure manner. In this way the fintech wants to offer a fast service without charging opening fees, national transfers or account management, which will enrich the user experience.

The general director of Cuenca, Martin Tamizi said Cuenca was born in 2018 with the purpose of being the only account you need in Mexico, with fast, innovative and safe solutions. To serve all those who prefer to have their money under the mattress, who closed your bank account for bad experiences. Or who are looking for a better option to send money to your family without paying commissions. We want our users to be able to carry out money sending and receiving transactions at any time, from anywhere and in real time.

How to open an account in Cuenca?

To open your account you will need to have a Smartphone with an internet connection. Send your number from your official website so that the fintech can send you a link with the download information of the application.

Once the app has been downloaded, you must provide your basic information, send a copy of your official identification with a valid photo, which can be a passport, INE or registration and in seconds your account will be enabled.

The first Mexican fintech that collaborates with Visa

In fact Cuenca is the first Mexican fintech that collaborates with Visa and the support of Accendo Banco with what you can have your virtual card that can be used to make purchases online. In this first stage, the company ensures that those who reside in Mexico City may also request a physical card, which will be delivered, according to its statement, on the same day of the request.

According to the head of operations and regulatory compliance of Cuenca, Ricardo Medina, starting to operate within the framework of the new Fintech law in the country represents an opportunity to strengthen the offer of digital financial services.

It seems that Cuenca is a good option to manage your money digitally with security, in spite of this operations, until now, can only be via electronic transfer, so it will not be possible to make deposits in cash.

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