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What makes fintech a point of attraction for entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what great companies have to be the aspirational job for so many young people and adults? Why are they so successful? The reality is that today, large multinationals have understood that the value of their products or services is born from human capital, it is there where the magic of ideas, work efficiency and operability coexist.

Companies such as Google, Facebook or Amazon are witnessing how the success of their business lies in the workforce that they feed every day. To take care of it, provide economic guarantees and emotional benefits, which can build more satisfied, productive and competitive employees.

This generation will make up 20% of the workforce

In addition to the technological giants, currently diverse industries are joining this trend, where they seek to attract the best professionals so that with their knowledge they are a fundamental piece for the core business of each organization. According to the New Kids On The Block study, Millennials & Centennials, published by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, it is expected that by 2020, millennials will be responsible for 40% of consumer stocks. The report also shows that this generation will make up 20% of the workforce.

If we analyze the current market, we find that young people, in addition to salary remuneration, are prioritizing the peace of mind that their work space can provide, the projection within the organization and professional growth. Obviously there is a transformation in the internal processes of recruitment, traditional companies should add new and better models that demonstrate the capabilities of each professional and career possibilities.

The best human talent is not exclusively located in large multinationals, and often without knowing it, is present in those who have learned to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and skills of their employees, providing them with all the tools so that they can increase your creativity, performance and dexterity in your workplace.

An example of this has been the bet that the Fintech have had, that they have sought, from their different lines, to motivate and project young talent, supporting the generational enthusiasm and the creative and innovative ideas of their employees. Due to these factors, this industry has had a rapid evolution in the markets and a great positioning.

Thanks to the fact that the human capital of many Fintechs are young and millennials, it is easier to offer a service that understands their needs. In Lineru, the largest consumers of online financial services, such as online loans, are young people between 25 and 34 years old, this indicates that they are the most interested in financial services, covering almost 66% of their clients.

The Fintech ecosystem

The Fintech ecosystem, without a doubt, is a point of attraction for entrepreneurs, creatives and digital natives, who, thanks to their agility with new technologies and passion for financial processes, arrive with disruptive thoughts and become visionary keys.

In the end, the human talent that is built in the present will be an important asset for organizations in the medium and long term. The new generations bring new dynamics and new challenges, for that reason, it is important to understand their nature in order to build models in which their skills can be exploited 100%. It is also important to project the most outstanding professionals since they are the key to enrichment and strengthening of our business.

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