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What’s The Most Friendly Social Scanner API For Domain Name System (DNS)?

Data is the most important currency on the market, so it is absolutely necessary to know how to use tools for data collection, as well as which are the friendliest to use in case you do not have studies in programming or are just starting out.

Social Media is a huge place of data that can be used for multiple things including predicting upcoming trends, keeping an eye on audience interests and different activities etc. This task can be automated efficiently utilizing web scrapers to give structured data ready to be analysed. 

For example, imagine that you need to know the names of all the computers that are part of a network or the backend of a social media network, either by work or by information control or maintenance, then you would need a social media scanner API.

Social media Scraping Tools go through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and other well known websites to gather  the unstructured data on their websites at a single place in a structured format. This social media data can then be examined for several things.

Below we will present some of the friendliest APIs for collecting information from any website that can be used by both an expert programmer and someone who is just entering the world of web planning.


It is one of the APIs with the greatest present and future in the world of information classification and programming, with two simple steps you can obtain programming codes in the JSON programming language, which can be read in the same way by computers as by human beings, at the same time that you can scan to get logos to the most remote parts of the internet.

Klazify’s Website Categorization and Social Media Scanner API uses a machine learning (ML) engine to scan a website’s content and meta tags. It extracts text to classify the site and assigns up to three categories aided by natural language processing (NLP).

Their offline database is perfect for customers who require a local option for domain categorization. Typical use cases include hardware/product integrations, custom applications or internal use at an Enterprise organization with high request volume.

Klazify will navigate to the requested domain name or URL, collect its content,  and determine appropriate categorizations based on a classification taxonomy: IAB V2 Standard, which can be used for 1-1 personalization, marketing segmentation, online filtering and more. The end result is that the URL or domain can now be placed in a specific category.


BrandFetch is a logo and image classification software that delivers at least three results for each free search, while Klasify presents the information necessary to classify and organize its codes and logos.

It is another of the few software platforms that integrate both social media scanning and classification of information and obtaining logos. In any case, the possibilities it offers are not as complete as those that can be found in Klazify despite the fact that its answer is more direct in everything that is obtaining images and logos in good quality.

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