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Why Copywriters Should Use A Paraphrasing API To Write More Effectively

Are you a Copywiter who needs help with its work? If so, this paraphrasing API will help you!

When you are a copywriter, you must have the ability to write content that is unique, interesting, and error-free. Your writing skills will determine whether or not you get hired by a company; or if your client leaves your site with a smile on their face. One way to improve those skills is to use a paraphrasing API.

What is a paraphrasing API?

A paraphrasing API works by rephrasing words and sentences in your articles so that they are original. By using this tool, you will ensure that each article has its own unique style and flow. For instance, if you can’t write a complete sentence without including at least one word that has already been used; then you can use an API to rephrase it!

So, if you are currently in needing of an API like this, we have the perfect one for you!

Why Copywriters Should Use A Paraphrasing API To Write More Effectively

Copywriting is easier with Plaraphy API

Plaraphy is a free paraphrasing API, plus a rewriting tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to rephrase any text you paste or upload. This tool functions as an intelligent text rewriter tool, replacing all the words with their synonyms.  Depending on your plan, you can use Plaraphy’s paraphrase software to rewrite up to 1.000 characters at once!

When words come hard to you and your creativity drops, using an API like Plaraphy can really be helpful; because of how it can rephrase any word, sentence or paragraph. It will also give you better control over what you want your text to sound like since it gives you a variety of synonyms to choose from; as well as three different modes for your rewritten texts:

  • Standard Mode: rewrites text in a consistent manner to preserve meaning.
  • Fluency Mode: ensures that text is legible and error-free.
  • Creative Mode: rephrase all the material, making it ideal for artistic projects and lighter tones.
Why Copywriters Should Use A Paraphrasing API To Write More Effectively

Get started with Plaraphy API in no time:

  1. To begin utilizing Plaraphy API you need to go here and register. You can create an account for free and no credit card is required!
  2. After you register, you will obtain a personal API key, with it you will be able to access these API endpoints.
  3. The last step is to authenticate with Plaraphy API. Just include your bearer token in the Authorization header. To learn more about how to authenticate with this API, code examples, and more, visit Plaraphy’s Documentation here.

And that’s all! You will be ready to execute API request in no time! Also, depending on your plan you will be able to execute a number of API requests per month. You can decide which plan is best for you by clicking here to see Plaraphy’s Pricing.

Now that you have all this information, you can start using Plaraphy API to make your work easier!

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