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Why do we keep betting on Bitcoin?

There are many public figures who have expressed their support for cryptocurrencies as the currency of the future.

Some of them even have millions of euros in bitcoins.

These are 13 celebrities that publicly support cryptocurrencies.

Until recently, cryptocurrencies were something unknown to the general public, reserved almost exclusively for those who participated in its conception a decade ago: engineers, developers and entrepreneurs in the new technologies sector.

The best example is the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevos

Known for their lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg for the supposed theft of his idea of what would later be Facebook: both invested 11 million dollars in bitcoins in 2013, when the value of the cryptocurrency was more than 30 times lower than the current one.

However, the fever unleashed in 2017 triggered the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, causing millions of people to buy cryptocurrency and even dare to set up their own farms.

The tremendous fall… means nothing?

And, despite the tremendous fall in the value of Bitcoin over the past year, experts predict a new rise in cryptocurrencies in the near future, especially from 2020.

Maybe that’s why there are already many famous people who openly support cryptocurrencies. Some have been doing it for years for various reasons (environmental, security, distrust of government control …), while others see a business opportunity in the medium and long term. And they have already invested part of their fortunes in bitcoins.

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