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Why study Java to develop Android applications

Although there are numerous programming languages that allow apps to be developed for mobile devices, the use of Java is still the most common. And also the most demanded by companies, as corroborated by the employability map recently published by the Connecta Empleo platform of the Teléfonica Foundation, which is based on data collected by Infojobs and other job search pages.

According to the mentioned platform, Java developers lead the group of the five technological profiles most demanded by the labor market during the first three months of 2019. In fact, the study included the publication of up to 9,000 job offers for Java developers during that period throughout Spain, with the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia monopolizing most of these employment opportunities.

Developers with knowledge of Java appeared as the most requested

The many existing professional outlets for those who know how to operate in Java were also evident in the latest report, The Most Wanted in 2019, by Spring Professional, consultant of the Adecco Group. In that case, developers with knowledge of Java appeared as the most requested for this year by companies in the technology sector, but also by those in other fields, such as finance (fintech, banks and insurers), telecommunications companies, R & D or the retail sector.

As the study pointed out, salary expectations for those who dominate Java range between 50,000 and 90,000 gross euros per year, amounts that are well above what is currently offered by the Spanish labor market. It is not surprising, for all that, that more and more people decide to reorient their professional career towards programming in Java and, particularly, towards the development of mobile applications.

Numerous educational institutes are offering training on this

At present there are numerous educational entities that are offering this type of training. There are university centers that do it, but also institutions such as SEAS, a center with several decades of experience in online training. Your Java course includes the performance of voluntary activities, internship service in companies and even the possibility of accessing job offers through your placement agency.

This title is designed for those who want to deepen the use of Java in order to develop mobile, web or computer applications. For this, students know the basis of this popular programming language and also develop management tools. And they do it through a very simple online methodology, which includes the participation of several teachers and a tutor who encourages the student to achieve their objectives.

A step further can become an Android Developer

Once the Java universe is discovered, anyone who wants to go a step further can become an Android Developer. And again, you can also do it through another of the online courses taught by SEAS, which teaches how to design apps for this operating system using Google APIs correctly. One of the characteristics of this course is that its contents are updated constantly.

At the end of the day, one of the aspects that characterize the world of Android programming is the need to be constantly updated. That is why it is a highly demanded and well paid profession, since those who do not refresh their knowledge will not be able to make competitive apps, and that includes being up-to-date with the updates in the Google operating system, but also with the latest trends in app design. , the new functionalities introduced by the devices and the most innovative mobile marketing techniques.

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