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Shell takes over a German startup to grow in the energy market

The oil company Shell continues its commitment in the field of renewable energy. Now the company buys a competitor for Tesla’s Powerwalls from the Allgäu. The Dutch-British energy company Royal Dutch Shell has completely taken over the German home battery manufacturer Sonnen. After Shell had already entered Sun as an…

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BP Ventures working with a Chinese startup to offer advanced mobility

BP Ventures has invested in PowerShare. A leading provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for charging electric vehicles in China. The investment is part of PowerShare’s A-Series Series, led by BP Ventures and backed by DETONG Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm in China. The Chinese startup offers…

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Technological giants have an advantage over fintechs

Technological giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Alibaba have an advantage over traditional financial technology companies like fintech by having unlimited user information and capital. Which allows them to compete strongly, the Financial Stability Board said. In the analysis of fintech and the structure of the market in financial…

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Cologne based food startup showing amazing success among it’s pioneer

The Cologne based food startup Hafervoll is part of the HNC Healthy Nutrition Company. The subsidiary of the food company Krüger has taken over 100 percent of the startup, which produces baked cereal and oat bars. For the purchase price, both companies do not provide information. Since 2013, Hafervoll’s founders…

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Why was this Fintech supported by Warren Buffet able to increase its profits?

Financial technology and e-commerce are two of the biggest megatrends that will continue to gain momentum in 2019. One of the most observed new players in the field is Stone Co (WKN: A2N7XN), the Brazilian fintech company backed by the famous CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (WKN: 854075) (WKN: A0YJQ2) CEO…

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