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Keep Your Website Safe For Children Using A Profanity Filter API

There are many of us who have to deal with user input, search terms, and situations where the input text may contain offensive language or other improper language. We don’t want our young children to hear any of the frightening or difficult talks that are prevalent in today’s environment. Profanity…

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Keep Low-quality Addresses Out Of Your Database By Using An Email Verification API.

If you want to reduce the presence of low-quality email addresses, you are like 99.9% of companies. Therefore, you must integrate a great email verification API. The Relevance Of Email & Email Verification API Currently, the use of email is a practice that is common in both business and personal…

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Best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) APIs For Your Business.

If you are looking for the best Optical Character Recognition APIs to incorporate into your business, look no further. Here you will find three excellent options. Application Programming Interfaces Our world is rich in advanced technologies and machinery that allow its constant growth. We have arrived at a place that…

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