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11 German/Nordic ICOs to invest. The best ICO list for investing

Here you can find the best ICO offers for new cryptocurrencies and coin project

With this ICO list you can find current ICOs as new crypto currency and buy ICO coins. Thus, you can invest early in new blockchain projects.

Get new coins as an early ICO investor

Investing in new ICOs allows for high rebate bonuses. With it you can achieve high value increases by new digital currencies.

Here is an ICO selection of the best new releases and IPOs with ICO analysis and ICO recommendation. With this ICO list you will find new top coins with the potential of the best blockchain startups. I tried to find a colorful mix. The list is constantly updated and is an inspiration for ICO investments. The order of this ICO list reflects my personal selection of the best projects to buy ICO:

1) Osmium Investment (Commodities)

With Osmium Investment Coin (OiCOiN) you participate in the sale of the rare precious metal osmium as a raw material for industry and as a precious metal for investment. Osmium is the rarest and densest precious metal in the world. The already existing company Osmium Institute from Germany has developed a patented crystallization process for toxic osmium in years of research. As a result, the element loses its toxicity. No other company has this know-how (monopoly). This creates new opportunities for industrial application and storage as an investment.

ICO Token Sale: 01.10.2018 to 15.11.2018

ICO Category: Precious Metals, Rare Earth and Raw Materials

Buy Osmium Investment Coin on

2) Data Block Chain (Big Data)

Data Block Chain is a marketplace for big data. It’s supposed to revolutionize the way companies capture data. The provider democratizes data and makes it easier and cheaper available. This allows customers to access records in a cost-effective and transparent manner and collect exactly what they need. For this, own proprietary data should be merged with many large databases. Government data, industry-specific data, voting records, business data, real estate data, credit data, etc.

Thus, all participants without intermediaries receive exactly the nuanced data they are looking for. The vendor has already collected over 16 million dollars in the presale phase! In addition, an MVP is already online!

ICO Token Sale: 10.09.2018 to 15.12.201

ICO Category: Big Data with Artificial Intelligence:

Buy DataBlockChain Coin on

3) Black Insurance (Insurance) [Presale]

Black Insurance is the marketplace for insurance companies, brokers and investors. Insurances are so far expensive, complicated and slow, because all decisions in a bureaucracy are made by a few people in a few insurance companies. The provider wants to introduce virtual insurance companies with a democratic marketplace who can design and sell their own innovative insurance products. These products are supported by tokens, so that investors receive insurance profits. With Blockchain making it much more efficient to manage insurance, these products will also be cheaper and more profitable. Black Insurance attacks the entire $ 4 trillion insurance market. With this link you get 5% more bonus.

ICO Presale: 01.10.2018 to 31.10.2018

ICO Category: Insurance:

Insurance Black Insurance Coin buy on

4) Madana

Madana from Germany is the sidechain project of the German LISK Blockchain. The MADANA Marketplace is an open platform for data analysis. This is to protect the privacy of the Blockchain. The ecosystem allows anyone to keep control over their data and monetize it anonymously. The vendor strives for a DSGVO compliant way of data processing, which enables new business models for future apps and services. This ICO has a license from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

ICO Presale: 01.09.2018 to 31.10.2018

ICO Category: Marketplace for data analysis:

Buy Madana Coin on

5) TrustedCarsFlex (Auto)

TrustedCars Flex from Germany combines car sharing with car dealerships. Based on a blockchain, cars are to be digitally signed and rented by local car dealerships and used car dealers in an APP. Thus, any desired vehicle can be driven without long-term contracts or hidden costs. already has experience as a vehicle broker on the internet. This allows a stock of participating car dealers within the TrustedCars network to be used. For users, this means driving cars without ownership, as long as you want.

ICO Token Sale: 23.05.2018 to 31.10.2018

ICO Category: Car sharing via car dealers and car dealerships

TrustedCarsFlex Coin on

6) FinanceX (exchange office) [Presale]

FinanceX connects several stock exchanges in Southeast Asia. This will allow emerging market users to trade local currencies in their home countries. This makes trading faster and easier as Asian users can buy and sell coins directly. Instead of choosing the detour with intermediates such as BTC or ETH. In Southeast Asia, there are many users with many currencies, but so far can not act efficiently. Here an offer gap is closed. With this link you get 5% more bonus.

ICO Presale: 25.09.2018 to 14.11.2018

ICO Category: Real Money Exchange Office

FinanceX Coin buy on

7) Neironix (Rating)

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for the valuation of Investment risk of the blockchain industry. Ratings based on mathematical scoring, neural networks and multidimensional analysis of large data sets are created. The platform is therefore designed for the analysis of typical risks with high uncertainty. Neironix wants to become a global provider of cryptocurrency analytics. Thus, investors and banks can make better decisions about investments and improve their long-term market strategies.

ICO Token Sale: 01.09.2018 to 30.11.2018

ICO Category: Coin Investment Rating

Buy Neironix Coin on

8) Token Logic (Funds)

Token Logic is the first cloud ICO investment fund in the world. This provider collects money from investors on the platform and uses it bundled with new ICOs. A team of blockchain startup analysts intelligently distributes these totals to the best ICOs. It is promised between 3% and 5% daily return. The provider is very new to the market, so there is no experience with the project. But the approach is very interesting because large sums of money make it much easier to get into the private sale phases of attractive ICOs. In addition, large investors often get higher bonus rebates of sometimes over 200%. The minimum deposit is only 0.001 BTC. This allows you to test this ICO fund with low risk.

ICO Investment Funds: since 26.10.2018.

Daily return between 3% and 5%.

Investing in

9) Lynked (Security) [Private Sale]

Lynked is a blockchain ecosystem of trusted identities, data and documents. Thus, individuals and institutions can securely own, control and share different identities.

ICO Token Sale: 15.11.2018 to 19.01.2019

ICO Category: Data Security

Buy Lynked Coin on

10) HELIX Orange (Investment)

HELIX Orange from Germany brings the best ICO projects together with accredited investors. The platform targets the need to meet the regulatory requirements for each ICO. We make ICOs compliant, smarter, more efficient and more comfortable. Both sides, investors and ICO projects, benefit from the right KYC and from sophisticated investment mediation processes. HELIX Orange examines the relationship between ICO projects and relevant investors, provides regulators with a clear and transparent audit trail, and thus increases legal certainty for all concerned.

ICO Token Sale: TBA

ICO Category: ICO Investment

Buy HELIX Orange Coin on

11) Nafen (Nano)

Nafen from Estonia is a nanomaterial for industrial use. The Nafen nanofibers are able to change the mechanical and chemical properties of different materials and equip them with superpowers. The patented Nafen product is already being produced and distributed (Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticle). There are already chemical customers such. Henkel or DU PONT. The business model works and scales. 1 Nafen Coin Token has the equivalent of 1 gram Nafen. The market price for 1 gram Nafen is currently around 1 EUR (working product).

ICO Token Sale: TBA

ICO Category: Chemistry and Nanofiber


Initial Coin Offering

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new way to finance Blockchain Internet startups , Unlike crowdfunding for normal startups, an ICO only refers to companies that build a cryptocurrency business model (Bitcoin Crowdfunding). Thus, the first capital raising takes place in a special ICO IPO directly with investors. Normally, venture capitalists have highly regulated capital raising processes that are prescribed by banks or stock exchanges. Alternatively, the term initial token offering (ITO), public ICO or crowdsale are used. In an ICO, investors can invest directly in a blockchain startup by buying so-called tokens as shares in companies. Thus, in exchange for the investment, new coins of the new digital currency are distributed directly to the investors. These new coins are usually paid with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

Alternatively, one can imagine this ICO statement: Because new ICO coins are not traded on Bitcoin exchanges, such a new cryptocurrency must be purchased directly from Startup. Of course, paying for such a new cryptocurrency with an old cryptocurrency is only logical. We have indicated the respective link for crowdfunding to the ICO.

What is an ICO Presale?

In the so-called ICO Presale Phase, a small number of tokens are sold in advance to early investors. There are particularly high rebate bonuses as a reward for the early confidence.

Most of the time higher amounts have to be purchased and verification (KYC) is required. In addition, pre-sale coins may be blocked for a period of time to prevent early sales. Overall, the bonus conditions at ICO Presales are very good, but the risk is higher. In any case, it is worthwhile to closely observe a presale phase, because the sooner the tokens are sold out, the more exciting and lucrative the actual public ICO becomes. Private presale is often done before the presale phase.

Unfortunately, such a private presale is usually only available to institutional investors or ICO pools. Because the minimum investments are very high. Alternative terms are Seed round, Community Building or Token Reservation Sale.

Phases in the ICO

It has become established to reward early investors for their greater risk at an ICO event. For this discounts are granted. In addition, the startups are mostly trying to start the sale early to generate money for the development of technology and marketing. Therefore, there are usually the following phases in a new ICO:

Private Sale: In the first phase of the sale is done manually with the employees. In most cases, large sums have to be invested in order to be accepted as an investor at all (for example at least 10 ETH). The bonus rates are very high, sometimes up to 200%. However, one also has a very high risk, because usually very little of the product can be seen. Accordingly, the risk of dubious providers is very high.

Presale: In the 2nd phase, relatively high discounts and relatively high risk are still in the cards. So far, few experts have insight into the technology and there is little feedback about the team or the product.

Main Sale: The 3rd phase is the actual sale for the masses. All preparations have been made and investors can include many previous reviews in the decision. Often there is already a ready-made basic version of the technology (MVP).

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