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2019, the year of Mexican startups

We started this 2019 with good news in the financial field. With the entry into force of the Fintech Law and the measures to boost the financial sector announced by the new government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this 2019 will be a boom year for Mexican startups, said Juan Carlos Lecumberri Lasa, analyst and financial specialist.

“In all the economic areas of the country there are opportunities for digitization, it is a transformation that we have been seeing for some years, but this 2019, in line with the public policies of the federal government, startups will have greater possibilities of growth,” said Lecumberri.

He recalled that ‘Startups’ are newly created companies focused on the use of technology in different products and services. Hence, especially in the financial sector, an exponential growth for these companies is projected.

At the same time, Lecumberri stressed that one of the barriers to digitization and the use of Startups, was the lack of internet or the penetration of cellular devices. However, currently more than 60 million Mexicans have a smart cell phone.

“Nowadays, more and more people have a smart cell phone and Internet coverage is increasing in homes and businesses. These are two key factors for the growth of startups in the country”, said the financial specialist.

To this, he said, is added the solid regulatory framework with which Mexico has in the field of financial technology companies. It ensures greater security to investors to boost the business of startups.

“Undoubtedly, all these elements are a watershed in the development of Startups, because in addition to the interest of young entrepreneurs in forming their own company, we have laws that regulate the market and there are many public and private institutions that fund these projects with seed capital “, Concluded Juan Carlos Lecumberri.

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