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Google Leak Reveals New Pixel 3 Lite

It seems that the supposed cut-off version of the Google Pixel, the Pixel 3 Lite, will follow the same step of leaks as its predecessor. After appearing in various images and renderings since November of last year, now the first videos of a prototype has appeared.

This video is signed by a Ukrainian blog and in little more than three minutes you can see the terminal from all angles, including its complete specifications and even some examples of photographs taken with it.

Is this the Google Pixel 3 Lite?

Published in Andro News, a recently created YouTube channel, we would generally suspect its authenticity, although the video itself leaves little room for doubt as it is very similar to previous leaks. If it is false, the level of detail would be surprising. Although, we can not put our hand on the fire on its authenticity until the terminal is officially confirmed.

The rear part is clearly visible (in a curious purple color) and in this case it would be made of plastic, but in a certain way maintaining the duotone design with a shiny finish on the upper rear part.

So much of the previous rumors are confirmed, such as the return of the minijack, which had disappeared from Google Pixel 2. At a certain point in the video, a table with the specifications of Google Pixel 3 Lite is shown. It would have a 5.56-inch screen without notch with FHD + resolution, Snapdragon 670, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

As for the cameras, the front would be 8 MP, while the back would increase the offer to 12.2 MP with opening f1.8 and optical stabilization. According to the analysis in the video, we are able to obtain results comparable to the normal Google Pixel 3 (and include some examples of photos supposedly taken with him).

Important details such as its price and when it will be announced remain in the air. This Ukrainian blog believes that the Google Pixel 3 Lite will be released during the next Google I / O in May, although about the price at the moment we do not have any information. The final aspect of the Google Pixel 3 XL Lite remains an enigma.

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