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Month: April 2019

Bibox has founded a new startup incubator to promote blockchain projects

The Big Crypto Bourse Bibox has founded a new startup incubator to promote blockchain projects in their early stages. This is evidenced by a communication of 30 March. Estonian based Bibox, the ninth largest crypto exchange in terms of adjusted trading volume, launches the incubator under the name of Bibox…

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Mastercard has a digital plan: Learn about it and use it for your startup

Less than a decade after its launch in 2009, India’s Aadhaar digital identity system was adopted by 99% of the country’s population, enabling hundreds of millions of previously unbanked people to participate in the digital economy and the digital economy. local financial system. Mastercard wants a unique model Now, Mastercard…

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These design checklists for startups will make your product better

Bringing excellent designers into a startup team is not always easy. Sometimes you have to fall back on external designers, because in your environment no one as a permanent team member is tangible. After all, designers are not only responsible for stylishly styling a product, but also for making your…

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Female is the future for founders: 1,000 VCs join forces in investor network

This number is saddening: just 2.2 percent of the venture capital granted in the US in 2018 went to women founders, the proportion was just as low in the previous year. In doing so, companies that were started by founders generate on average twice the profits. This is what a…

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Business startup models: Learn from GoTrendier and Chicfy to grow

GoTrendier and Chicfy merge to create the largest second-hand clothing buying and selling platform in Latam and Spain The companies are leaders in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, with more than 8 million users Mexico City, March 2019: GoTrendier (https://www.gotrendier.mx/) announces its merger with Chicfy (https://www.chicfy.com/), the largest merger of fashion…

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