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25 years with Amazon and it’s success

The giant of Jeff Bezos that transformed commerce in Internet The company of the richest man in the world has only grown to become one of the most important ever.

It is not easy to raise a commercial giant from nothing. As for any objective of substance you have in this life, you need work, perseverance and, you have to admit, also a little or a lot, luck. A good example of this is Amazon. A company that, in just 25 years, has had enough time to become one of the leading companies in a world that is not the same since its appearance on the scene. A company with a history at the height of others such as Apple, Google or Microsoft. Of those that start in a garage left and dusty and end in a skyscraper of more than fifty floors.


Good reason for the success of the giant is its founder, the well-known Jeff Bezos. Being just a young man fresh out of Princeton, the university where he graduated in 1986, he quickly began to make a name for himself until he became vice president of the important Wall Street firm DE Sahw and Co. Since he left the 26 years to launch his own company from his garage in the city of Seattle (Washington). The result of this adventure was Cadabra, the Amazon embryo.

On July 5, 1994, when the company was born, it was exclusively dedicated to the sale of books over the Internet. Bezos was aware that the network was a fertile field whose potential was infinite. Regarding the choice of the product, I thought that, at least in principle, the most appropriate thing would be to focus on one that had a broad catalog within a space in which, in addition, recommendations were made. “With more than three million titles for sale and available throughout the world, the books category has more items than any other,” the company’s founder acknowledged in an interview years later.

At the same time, in his incessant search to improve the volume of business, the entrepreneur soon chose to change the name to the company. He had realized that if he put one that started with “A” the search engines would reward him. That was how, finally, Amazon emerged.

The company finally exploded in 1997, the year in which it went public. The value it reached was not negligible, standing at over 50 million dollars. So Bezos described what he expected from Amazon after becoming a millionaire and people will look back and say that the end of the 20th century was a good time to be alive on this planet.”

Despite the rapid takeoff, not everything could be wine and roses. It was not too long before other companies started attacking the new company. He even had to sue the important American network Wallmart, which accused Bezos’ business of having stolen his business idea. Despite this, Amazon continued to grow by leaps and bounds, so much so that, around 1998, it expanded its offer to other products, such as compact music, video games or movies. “Our goal is to allow consumers to discover on the network everything they may want to buy,” said the president of Amazon on one occasion about his business idea.

The Prime service

In 2002, the company continued to diversify by launching Amazon Web Services (AWS), a highly ambitious project that is today recognized as the most important cloud computing offer internationally. A platform that offers more than 165 integral services and has millions of customers around the world.

Having already entered fully into the 21st century, Amazon dared to take a huge step in its incessant evolution. In 2005 launched the popular service Amazon Prime, which allows the shipment of products sold by the company, as well as those of some third parties, completely free of charge and in a period never exceeding 48 hours. However, it is usually done in a day.

Graph that shows the number of centers Amazon has around the world – Statista

Despite the rapid diversification of the company, there were still many sticks that Bezos had not had time to play. He began to acquire companies and start new projects, among which stands out, perhaps with particularity, Amazon Prime Video. The ambitious streaming video service, which was released just two years ago, in 2017, has not needed too much time to carry out numerous productions that have been liked by both the public and the critics. See examples such as the dystopian “The Man in the High Castle” or the hilarious “The Grand Tour”. Special mention also deserves the future series based on the world of the “Lord of the Rings”, which will try to become the alternative of all those people who are still assimilating the end of “Game of Thrones”.

Previously, the company had dared to immerse itself in the world of music through Amazon Music, whose beta was launched in 2007, but did not arrive in Spain until the end of 2012. This service allows access to a huge number of songs more than two million. Which can be enjoyed without having an Internet connection.

But the thing is not there, just a month ago the owner of Amazon presented the world “Blue Moon”, a huge ship with which it is intended to reach the Moon soon. It’s time to return to the Moon. This time to stay, “announced the magnate during the celebration of the event in Washington.

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