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Sipgate: A startup offering VoIP telephone services for your home and office

15 years is the founding of sipgate. Can one call the provider of Internet telephony with more than 150 employees even as a startup? But just like the credit marketplace auxmoney, sipgate has maintained it’s startup mentality to this day. With which business model have the Dusseldorf managed that? Key…

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Crypto has a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the Internet

In a session of the AMA on Reddit, the director and co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, declared that he expects Crypto to have a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the Internet. Circle is a famous Fintech startup supported by Goldman Sachs that became popular in the US…

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The history of Silicon Valley before all the startups

Once upon a time there was an abandoned lot in Palo Alto, California. Once upon a time there was a university that opted for its students and encouraged them to develop their own technology companies. That’s where Silicon Valley came from, with pioneers like Hewlett-Packard. California, United States. First state…

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Lawyers on-demand: Legal startups that allow getting divorced online with few clicks

New online platforms and mobile apps bring laws and advisors to the connected public. Desks of heavy wood, books of wide loin ordered in the library, white shirts and shiny shoes. The classic image of the lawyer and his traditional habitat are changing as a consequence of the technological transformation…

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What are Banks Doing about the Fintech Startups Revolution?

For some time now, a specific sector has become one of the greatest entrepreneurial revolutions in our recent history. And it is one of the current panaceas: mobile payment, personal finance management, corporate crowdfunding, money transfers between users … whatever their variations. The truth is that all investors are behind…

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