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Key to success: The richest man in the world, worked at McDonald’s and listened to his heart

What does the heart tell you? The question asked by Jeff Bezos, founder and president of Amazon and, according to Forbes, the richest man in the world, the basis for making decisions in life. Following a path It is what he himself raised 25 years ago when he decided to…

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Take note, entrepreneur! Jeff Bezos reveals what was the “smartest” thing he did on Amazon

Jeff Bezos is a person that many listen to to try to know some of the secrets that led him to be the richest person in the world, according to Forbes. Accumulate about 108 billion dollars. In that particular ranking is closely followed by another pharaoh of the digital industry,…

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Amazon is quietly conquering its own website with a white label strategy similar to Mercadona’s

If something Amazon has taught us is that it is able to reinvent itself according to the times. Its white Solimo brand is proof of this, especially when imitating Nespresso coffee capsules. Curious, at least the similarities with the white Mercadona brand, Hacendado. The company that started with Jeff Bezos…

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FedEx offers discounts for express shipments after finalizing contract with Amazon

FedEx has confirmed that it will not renew its express air shipment contract with Amazon, noting that the partnership with Jeff Bezos’ company represented only a small part of its business. However, the logistics giant stressed that it will continue to work with the e-commerce company in other forms of…

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Startup advice from Amazon to you: The keys to its success

The company does not seem to attach much importance to fluctuations in the price of its shares and prioritizes sustained growth strategies over time. Amazon is one of the companies that has prospered in recent years. In fact, since its creation in the mid-1990s its growth has been exponential. In…

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Amazon preparing to close its e-commerce store in China

Amazon is preparing to close a Chinese online store that serves consumers in mainland China, according to people familiar with the subject. This withdrawal represents a major setback for the company. Other Amazon operations in China, such as Amazon Web Services, Kindle e-books and cross-border equipment that help send merchandise…

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