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5 best android apps you need to install right now

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world. And Google is one of the companies that develops many applications for its users on Android and iOS. However, many of them are not so popular, and really are real gems.

For this reason, we are going to recommend 5 Google apps for Android that you must install right now. Because they will help you a lot in your day to day. All these applications are free, and although they are not unique in their sector, that is, there are other apps that compete with them. The reality is that they are apps that work quite well, even in some cases they are better than most of their rivals.


This is perhaps the most popular application of the list. However, is not an application that many people know. Because unlike other Google services, Snapseed is not installed by default on millions of Android devices.

Snapseed is one of the best alternatives to edit photographs. But the best thing of all is that you can use it from someone looking for something simple. To someone looking for very complex results.


In Unocero we have spoken several times about Datally. An application that was launched at the end of 2017, but in 2018 it acquired interesting functions. Datally is the application needed by anyone who wants to save their mobile data or know exactly what their data package is spent on.

Likewise, with Datally you can have emergency data in case you run out of Internet, or you can also limit the use of the applications.

Google Opinion Rewards

Although this is an application that we can consider as old. The truth is that it is very interesting, its only function is to answer surveys. With which Google will give us credits to spend in the Play Store, whether in apps, games, movies, books or payment of subscriptions.

The surveys appear based on the places we visit or the videos we see on YouTube. Although occasionally we will receive other types of surveys about our tastes or studies.

Files Go

If Datally is one of the best applications of the great G, Files Go is not far behind. Because ideal to manage the storage of our smartphone. Files Go helps you to free space constantly so you do not suffer from the internal memory of your computer. So it is an ideal option for all those who have little memory.

However, if you have a good amount of storage is also an interesting option to have well managed storage of your equipment and remove the digital garbage regularly and easily.

Google Tasks

Google tasks is another application that is very simple but very useful. Maybe it is not the most complete task manager, but a very efficient one. Here we can write down our pending tasks, set the limit to do them and follow up.

The best thing is that this tool is included in Gmail. So here you can see your pending, add or delete them. So it is an option to consider if you also have a Google email account.

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